LOL: 'Defund The Police' Mural Changed to "Defend The Police'

On Wednesday, a group of left-wing protesters painted a giant "DEFUND THE POLICE" mural outside of Milwaukee's City Hall building. Shortly after the mural was painted, it was tampered with and read "DEFEND THE POLICE" as someone changed the "U" in the original mural with an "E."

"The mural was painted Wednesday to support the nationwide movement to divert funds from police departments toward schools and youth programs," reported Fox News. "It was later tampered with to spell out "Defend the Police," with the "D" painted blue, the first "E" covered, and the "U" changed to an "E," Urban Milwaukee reported."


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Check out what else Fox News had to say:

Around 30 activists painted the original mural without permits or permission from the city. On Friday, Fox News affiliate WITI-TV spotted a paint job to fix the mural underway.

The change to the original phrase came after former Alderman Robert Donovan criticized the mural via social media Wednesday night.

"Fixed it for you, folks!" he wrote, accompanied by a photo showing the original phrase crossed out with a blue line.

Donovan advocated for increasing funding for the city's police department and protecting officers during his 20 years on Milwaukee's Common Council, according to Urban Milwaukee.

“People keep asking us, what does defund mean? It doesn’t mean abolish,” said Jeremy Wilbur, leader of the group that painted the "Defund the Police" mural, in a Facebook Live video.

Check out the "DEFEND THE POLICE" mural below:

Here is the original mural:

Black Lives Matter and anti-police murals have been very popular in recent months. During a recent interview with Fox News host Martha MacCallum, Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson unloaded on the Black Lives Matter movement as he compared the "Black Lives Matter" street paintings to confederate flags.

Carson made the strict distinction that there is a clear difference from the statement "black lives matter" and the Black Lives Matter organization, stating that the organization is a “Marxist-driven organization.”

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Carson stated that the Black Lives Matter organization “espouses things like taking down the model of western family structure, talking about defunding the police, and the host of things on their websites, the marxist influence.”

“These are things that are antithetical to the American model and to patriotism in this country,” Carson added. “So I think there are a lot of innocent and good people who think black lives matter just means we should be taking care of our black citizens and making sure they are not discriminated against, and that is noble and laudable. But we have an organization that is taking advantage of the fact that people don’t really know what’s behind a Marxist-driven organization.”

MacCallum later asked Carson what his thoughts were on President Trump's comments where he hammered “Black Lives Matter” paintings on public streets.

“The larger question is, when you’re in a public forum, a public square, do you have the right to put on there a political statement?” Carson replied. “I wonder what people would say if somebody painted a Confederate flag on a public street?”

“We really need to take into consideration those things,” Carson added. “On private property, absolutely do whatever you want to. This is a free country. But we have to recognize that when we put political symbols on public property we have to take responsibility for that.”

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