LOL: Lefties LOSE IT Over Conservative Viktor Orban Speaking to CPAC [WATCH]

Viktor Orban is the current Prime Minister of Hungary. Being somewhere on the scale of conservative to reactionary in outlook, he’s one of the few world leaders to stand up to the anti-Christian, anti-Western, anti-white demands of the globalist left.

He doesn’t let “refugees” flood his country and commit unspeakable predations upon the populace. He doesn’t let the LGBTQ+ lobby run roughshod over Hungary’s Christian traditions, traditions that he’s done his best to maintain.

And, most of all, he stands up for what he sees as Hungary’s national interest rather than bending to every whim of the leftist radicals that care not a whit about what’s best for Hungary.

Predictably, that means that leftists of the George Soros and MSNBC sort hate him, as he doesn’t destroy his country to remake it in their blue-haired image.

Thus, it was inspiring to see CPAC invite him to speak, as he’s one of the rare, courageous figures who provides an example of how to take on the left, and even funnier watching the left melt down over his appearing at the Texas event.

Robert Reich, for example, an inveterate leftist and Berkeley professor, went crazy over the invitation on Twitter, saying:

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Eastern European authoritarian to speak at their convention tells you all you need to know about what’s at stake.

This isn’t about Democrats versus Republicans. It’s about democracy versus authoritarianism.

Similarly, the talking heads on MSNBC went berserk over Orban’s appearance, as could be expected.

Corrupt leftist Joy Reid, for example, a woman involved in giving Hillary a heads up on what questions would be asked at a presidential debate, was furious over the Orban appearance and claimed that CPAC invited him because he seemed more palatable than Putin, saying:

It’s obviously more convenient in some sense to Orban-ize the party rather than Putin-ize it.

Similarly, Rula Jebreal, a foreign policy analyst that MSNBC had on, connected Orban and Trump to shadowy “fascists” abroad, saying:

Orban talked in 2018 about the access of the willing. Orban, Trump, Salvini in Italy, the fascists in France and VOX in Spain. There’s a real ideology of common values, anti-immigration, trying to use the powers and tools of democracy to try to destroy it from within.”

Similarly, some former Congressman that used to pretend to be a Republican, David Jolly, called Orban a “racist,” saying:

Let me tell you something Viktor Orban got right today. He said the press in the United States will report that a racist leader addressed American conservatives, and he was right because he is racist, his policies are racist.

“The same movement that embraced Viktor Orban is the one that is giving currency and fuel to Ron DeSantis, to Donald Trump and to other leaders in today’s Republican Party,

Watch the MSNBC leftists freak out here:

So, all in all, a predictable performance. Orban is successful, so the left goes wild whenever he appears, calling him and anyone who associates with him a “racist” and “fascist”.

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