LOL: Twitter ERUPTS With Hilarious Comments After Only A Few Dozen People Show Up To WNBA Championship Parade

Leftists constantly say that WNBA players should be paid the same as NBA players, yet they constantly ignore that the women’s league just doesn’t get ratings. Nobody watches the games. And with low ratings comes with lower revenue. With lower revenue comes lower player salaries.

It’s simple economics, but the left is clearly immune to logic and reason.

Yes, LeBron James makes $37 million per year while the top WNBA player only makes $200k, but it comes down to the revenue generated for the league and the sport. Leftists fail to comprehend this.

That brings us to the WNBA Championship “parade” on Wednesday. In fact, calling it a parade is an insult to parades. Let’s just say if this was held indoors, they wouldn’t even have enough people to justifiably enforce Covid restrictions.

Watch below as the champion “Chicago Sky” went through the empty streets, waiving to literally dozens of people:

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Check out some of the hilarious reactions from Twitter users:

What is your reaction to the “parade”? Comment below…

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