Looters try breaking into a Philly gun store and it doesn’t go well for them

It should stand to reason that if you’re going to try to break into a store and rob it, best to choose a business where it’s less likely that the owner will meet you with lethal force.

That is, don’t break into a gun store and not expect to be fired upon, like a handful of looting losers tried to do in Philadelphia Tuesday night.

As protests continue in many cities in the wake of the death of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis police department, it’s clear that the ‘movement’ to enact change has been hijacked by menacing outlaws and anarchists who don’t really care what happened in Minnesota. They’re just using that unfortunate incident as an excuse to plunder.

But the excuse to plunder turned deadly for at least one punk who tried to rob a South Philly gun store.

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As NBC News reports, a group of looters attempted to break into the Firing Line gun store and were met by its 67-year-old owner who was sporting an AR-15 carbine:

The owner told police he was monitoring his surveillance camera and saw three or four men trying to get in around 4:15 a.m. The group was using bolt cutters on the gate. A broken lock could later be seen on the ground.

The group then smashed in the back door and broke glass, police said. When they made it upstairs the 67-year-old owner started shooting his Bushmaster M-4 rifle, striking shot one man in the head, police said. 

That man — who was in his 20s — died in the store, police said. The other men ran off. Police found a handgun by the dead man that the owner said does not belong to his shop. Investigators believe the burglars brought that with them.

The store owner was unhurt. Another suspect turned up at Jefferson University Hospital with a shoulder wound police believe is connected to the break-in.

The incident was just one of thousands of others that have occurred in recent days as police and National Guard units try desperately to restore some semblance of order. 

But not all incidents where armed store owners ends the same way. As The National Sentinel reports, a group of armed shop owners wound up being cuffed police as would-be looters used the confusion to escape.

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A Van Nuys shop was being defended by its owners as the looter-thugs attempted to ask why they weren’t being ‘allowed’ to simply pilfer the place when cops showed up after an LAPD commander saw the incident being played out on live TV.

Lacort News adds

A group of about half a dozen suspected looters in Los Angeles was caught on live TV on Sunday as they confronted armed citizens helping the owner of a local liquor store protect their business.

The incident nearly got out of hand as the looters gathered outside a liquor store in Van Nuys and squared off with the owner and armed community members for not letting them break into the store and a nearby gold store.

The police commander later said arriving officers were not certain who was who when they first arrived, so they obviously targeted the people with the guns – which was the wrong group, in this case.

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