Marjorie Taylor Greene Says Fulton County Ballot Audit Will Expose The Actual ‘Big Lie’

Freshman Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene said Friday that an ongoing audit of ballots cast in Fulton County, Georgia, during the 2020 election will expose the real meaning of “the big lie.”

“When the truth about the election comes out from the Fulton County audit in my home state of Georgia, people will finally know what the big lie really means,” Greene, a Georgia Republican, noted in a tweet.

Greene did not elaborate, but past remarks by other GOP lawmakers have echoed similar claims.

Rep. Jody Hice, R-Ga., told Newsmax TV last month that the continuing forensic audit in Fulton County is revealing “tremendous amounts of potential irregularities, to say the least.”

He said at the time that nearly 35,000 ballots were questionable in terms of validity.

“What you’re referencing is people who moved out of the county into another county in Georgia and yet they went back and voted in the county that they moved from,” he said.

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“They can’t do that.”

Hice went on to back the state’s voter integrity law passed earlier this year.

“It is going to increase voter accessibility, while at the same time decreasing the potential for fraudulent behavior, potentially fraudulent behavior, and that ought to be embraced by everyone,” he said, adding: “We want fair elections.”

He also said that there is no question that former President Donald Trump remains the face of the GOP.

“He has been for over five years,” Hice told the network. “That’s not going anywhere.

“His popularity is as great as it’s ever been and his messages right on target with where the American people are,” Hice continued.

“He stands for America first, and most Americans support that. And so his reception was just phenomenal, and it’s going to continue to be that way as we go forward.”

Regarding Trump, he has labeled the 2020 election “the big lie.”

“The Fraudulent Presidential Election of 2020 will be, from this day forth, known as THE BIG LIE!” Trump wrote in a statement from his Save America PAC, in pushback from Democrats and non-supportive Republicans who have said his claim that the election was rigged is a “big lie.”

Greene is an avid backer of the former president and has often embraced his policies, publicly and in rallies she has held with fellow Trump-supporting Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida.

In April she noted on Twitter that she believes in the “America First” concept “with all my heart and that means every American, of every race, creed, and color.”

“I will never back down and I will never stop fighting for America First. There are tens of millions of Americans who agree. We are side by side. People over politicians. The hyenas in the media are terrified. So are the Democrats. And so are the weak politicos that float around whichever the wind blows,” she said.

“I have plans to drive President Trump’s America First agenda with my Congressional colleagues but we won’t let the media or anyone else push the narrative. America First policies will save this country for all of us, our children, and ultimately the world.”

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