MASS HYSTERIA: Arnold Schwarzenegger Compares Capitol Protests To Kristallnaht

The Democrat left has been out of its mind in the way they are characterizing the assault on the U.S. Capitol Building by a couple hundred supporters of President Donald Trump.

You’ve likely seen the videos by now. 

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And while there was some violence and there were deaths – a Capitol Police officer who died from injuries sustained in the melee and an unarmed female Air Force veteran who was shot by a federal agent near the House chamber – if the crowd was serious about destroying the seat of government, they certainly could have.

But they didn’t. Instead, thankfully, most appeared to simply want to make it know they are frustrated, angry, and upset by the treatment of their president for the past four years, including manipulating state voting laws in Joe Biden’s favor.

But it’s not just Democrats who have become unhinged: Plenty of RINOs have, as well, and that includes former champion bodybuilder, actor, and California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

He took to Twitter (because he’s not been banned or censored yet) to claim that what happened last week in the nation’s Capitol is akin to Kristallnacht — the deadly attack against Jews by troops and civilians alike in pre-World War II Nazi Germany in 1938.

Oh, brother.

Here’s his video (let Twitter load):

Yes, that’s right: The multi-racial, multi-ethnic Proud Boys group, which has never advocated ‘white supremacy’ as this liar suggests, is no different than Hitler’s Brown Shirts and Nazis. 

Fortunately for our side, Schwarzenegger got ratioed big time by conservative author and podcaster Ben Shapiro, an actual Jew and founder of The Daily Wire.

“No, Wednesday was not like Kristallnacht, which involved the burning of nearly 300 synagogues, destruction of 7,000 Jewish businesses, deportation of 30,000 Jews to concentration camps, and hundreds of murders, all promoted and participated in by the unified German dictatorship,” he wrote on Twitter (again, let it load — it sometimes takes a few seconds on our system).

“If you make this comparison, you are an idiot,” he continued. “Wednesday was horrific. It was an act of evil. It was a lot of terrible things. It was not Kristallnacht.”

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If last week’s events are teaching Americans anything, it’s who’s side some of our most iconic figures are on.

Schwarzenegger the RINO, who has an axe to grind with Trump after the president mocked him for failing to get any ratings once he took over “Celebrity Apprentice,” loves a good bandwagon when he sees one.