Mass Hysteria Could Lead To College Football Season Being Canceled

The 2020 NCAA college football season is on the verge of being canceled due to another wave of media-promoted mass hysteria over the coronavirus. 

The stunning announcement that the Mid-American Conference (MAC) was calling off fall football has led to speculation that a ripple effect will rage through universities this week and could possibly end with there being no college games played in America this fall. 

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Leaders of the Big Ten which is one of the nation’s most prominent football conferences are currently deliberating with the expectation being that they will pull the plug early this week and set off a chain reaction similar to when the NCAA Final Four men’s college basketball tournament cancelation in March led to the shutdown of all sports in America.

Via Yahoo Sports, “Big Ten leaders meet as college football season sputters toward collapse”:

The Big Ten conference is deep in discussions about the fate of the league’s 2020 football season.  

Sources told Yahoo Sports that the league’s presidents and chancellors met on Sunday to discuss the future of the 2020 football season and the league’s fall sports for the second consecutive day. Sunday night ended with an expectation that the season will be canceled in the upcoming days. Commissioner Kevin Warren went so far as to instruct the programs to essentially go light in practices on Monday.

Sentiment at the Big Ten leadership level remains a strong majority to end the season. That momentum began with a presidential call on Saturday, and that had only increased by Sunday night.

In the presidents’ call on Saturday, sources told Yahoo Sports there was a majority block – but not unanimous – in support of canceling the season. The group took more than 24 hours before reconvening on Sunday night to discuss the issues again.  

Sources have indicated that there’s an expectation that the league will arrive at a decision to cancel fall sports. The variable in question remains when the decision is made and whether the Big Ten can convince anyone else in joining them on the sideline.

It was only last week that the conference released its revised 2020 schedule:

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If the Big Ten cancels the season it will be a huge victory for those who are seeking to impose a second wave of punishing lockdowns on the nation in the waning months before the election and for Democrats will use another lockdown to punch the ball into the end zone on their national vote-by-mail scheme. 

It is important to point out that the majority of the Big Ten schools are located in states that have authoritarian Democrat governors including two teams in Michigan along with Pennsylvania, Minnesota, New Jersey, and Illinois so any decision to shut down should be viewed with skepticism over the political motivation. 

The Big Ten’s decision will not bind the rest of the nation’s college football conferences but unlike communism, courage is not an abundant commodity on American campuses.

A late push by some of college football’s star players including Clemson quarterback and future NFL first-round draft pick Trevor Lawrence has commenced but it could be too little, too late in the face of the building momentum by activists to force the shutdown of the sport. 

The ripple effects would be devastating to college sports with football programs making up the vast majority of revenue that allows universities to field teams in lesser sports but that could all be gone if vested interests get their way.