Maxine Waters Goes On Unhinged Rant, Says Haitians Aren’t Treated as Human Beings “Because They Are Black”

During an interview on Sunday with MSNBC’s “Alex Witt Reports”, far-left congresswoman Maxine Waters said that Haitians are not treated “as human beings” because they are black as she continued to peddle the “whipping” lie.

The comments from Waters comes after over 10,000 Haitian migrants stormed the United States border in an attempt to invade our country.

Waters said, “They should treat them like they are treating the Afghans. We’re bringing Afghans by the thousands into the country, and they deserve to be brought in because they assisted us in the war. That’s how they should be treating the Haitians, bringing in those who are eligible, vaccinating and making sure that we’re not simply trying to drive them back with our border patrol on horses, with their reins, looking at if they’re beating them.”

Witt asked, “You mentioned the Afghan refugees, those coming into our country. Why the different approach to them versus the Haitians?”

Waters replied, “Let me just say this, that Haitians have been the victims of, you know, not only our country but Canada and France, for years, historically. They’re black. They’re poor. It’s the poorest country in the hemisphere. They have been exploited.”

She continued, “It does not appear that they are seen in the same way that they see others. Haitians have been the victims because they were the first country to fight off, you know, the repression of France. Of course, France has made them pay a big price for it. Yes, I think they’re treated differently because they’re Black, because they’re Haitians, and because traditionally they have not been treated as human beings.”

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The comments were similar to those made by Waters on Wednesday when she claimed that U.S. Border Patrol agents who are defending the southern border from illegal invaders, are acting in a manner that is “worse than… slavery.”

The comments from Waters came in response to the over 15,000 illegal aliens who stormed the southern border in Del Rio, Texas. The illegals are responsible for a rise in crime in the area and for the food shortages in grocery stores.

Waters alongside the media are running smear campaigns against the border patrol agents who are defending the border.

“What we witnessed takes us back hundreds of years. What we witnessed was worse than what we witnessed in slavery,” Waters said, adding, “they’re trying to take us back to slavery days, and worse than that.”

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