Mayer Asserts That Two BAD Heads CANNOT Make A Good One As He Urges BIDEN To DROP Kamala

The far-left host of HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” has presumably also gotten tired of Harris, as he implored the president to get rid of her. Finally, a democrat had the guts to say that someone like Biden needs at least an intelligent assistant to compliment him and cover up for his failures.

Mayer told Biden that the best thing for him to do moving forward would be to replace Kamala Harris as his vice president, especially if he intends to run for the presidential seat again in 2024. The host made these remarks during s segment of his show as he spoke with a leftist writer, Caitlin Flanagan and CNN commentator Van Jones.

Perhaps the democrats will listen this time as known far-left individuals gave the advice. Regardless, they just admitted that Biden is incapable of leading the country by himself, which is why he needs a vice president who is smart enough to make the crucial decisions. At the same time, Biden will serve as a figurehead who is only vacationing worldwide.

Moreso, they accepted that Kamala Harris was not that person, and they could not take being led by those two heads any longer. CNN commentator Van Jones confirmed this by noting that Biden was a typical example of identity politics, elected by voters only because of his race.

Maher said, “It’s very hard to take the nomination away from the president. What I could see is replacing the vice president because she’s not very popular anywhere. And it didn’t seem to work out. And I don’t know. That’s been done before in a ticket.”

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The Atlantic writer Caitlin Flanagan also buttressed Maher’s points as she said that the Vice president was an off-putting human with a lot of personal baggage that she needed to deal with.

Maher responded, “I just think she’s a bad politician. And I don’t … I think she’s a very bright person. But I can see them doing that because a lot of the problem with Biden being old is, ‘Oh, if he dies then you know you’re gonna get this person.’ OK, so here’s the problem with the Democratic party. They’re so boxed in by identity politics that you cannot conceive of a Democratic ticket that doesn’t have a woman and person of color on it. And pretty soon you’re gonna line up behind that gay Latino and you’re gonna have to have, you know, a deaf Eskimo be the–”

Furthermore, Maher exposed the president as he noted that the republicans who have been pushing the president to take cognitive tests are not wrong as old Joe is experiencing a cognitive decline. He confirmed this as he joked, “I admit, he is gonna have trouble in the debate. Debates are gonna look bad. Prepare for it now. There’s gonna be some senior moments. OK, he could show up without pants. That’s true. It doesn’t matter. It has nothing to do with running the country.”

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