Mayor Pete Admits That National Lockdown Is On The Table If Biden Wins

In yet another example of how the real choice on the ballot is freedom or tyranny, there will be a national lockdown imposed if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris "win" the election. 

Democrats fanned out across the Sunday morning "news" shows to set up the week's talking points for Biden and the economy destroying, soul-crushing measures that will be forced upon Americans whether they voted for them or not. 


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On CNN's "State Of The Union" former South Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg aka Mayor Pete was interviewed by Jake Tapper and despite Biden's denials, admitted that another big lockdown is "on the table" if President Trump isn't reelected. 

According to Buttigieg who is a top Biden surrogate:

"...everything has to be on the table in order to keep Americans safe."

It is classic authoritarianism that the most Draconian, unconstitutional and un-American measures are all implemented under the pretense of keeping Americans safe just like the Patriot Act and the domestic surveillance apparatus that was used to spy on Trump were in the aftermath of 9/11.

Partial transcript:

Tapper: “Let’s turn to the pandemic. New coronavirus cases at a record high nationwide, including in your home state of Indiana. Some countries in Europe, such as the U.K. and France and Germany, are actually reinstitution lockdowns. If Joe Biden wins, should another lockdown be on the table?”

Mayor Pete:  “Well, hopefully, it doesn’t come to that because we will see swift action coordinating with and supporting public health authorities telling us what we can do without requiring any kind of mandates, but everything has to be on the table in order to keep Americans safe. 

We should never have got to this point. It should never have been allowed to get this bad. But what we know is even something as simple as inexpensive as wearing a mask, if everybody does it, dramatically changes what’s possible. Also, lockdown or no, I have been talking to a lot of small business owners, especially here in the Midwest, who are saying when they are able to open, customers won’t know unless they know they are safe. This is one of many reasons where why the first rule of virus economics is to beat the virus or else you won’t have an economy. And that’s got to be the focus.”

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Lunchbucket Joe continues to insist that he won't lock down the country but he lies like a rug and is still husting the very fine people "on both sides" hoax. 

Buttigieg's admission that Captain Lockdown is lying his ass off comes following news from across the pond that the UK will be imposing round two as an early Christmas gift to Britons according to Prime Minister Boris Johnson. 

Not surprising considering that Europe is the birthplace of fascism but such tyrannical measures aren't supposed to happen here in the USA but Biden's Democrats have far more in common with traditional European totalitarian regimes than anything ever seen before in America. 

President Trump continues to warn Americans that there will be dramatic consequences if Biden is installed and allowed to subject the nation to the "dark winter" that he has been harping about. 

Freedom or slavery? That is the real choice and Biden is only going to bring a hellish and government-enforced woe to America that is unthinkable to many who fail to understand the true nature of Democrats and their globalist partners.