Meadows: ‘Better Than 50-50’ Trump Runs Again in 2024

Poll after poll has shown that the majority of former President Donald Trump’s supporters want him to throw his hat into the ring again in 2024 and run for what they believe is a well-deserved second term.

So far, however, Trump hasn’t said one way or the other whether he’s going to do that, other than telling Fox News host Maria Bartiromo last month he wants to see how the 2022 elections pan out.

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But on Friday during an interview with former Trump staffer Sebastian Gorker, Mark Meadows, the ex-president’s last chief of staff, offered a new glimmer of hope for supporters.

“I’m feeling great about President Trump’s willingness to serve once again in the Oval Office,” Meadows said. “I can tell you this, he’s making all the preparations necessary. He’s being encouraged by his friends and former staffers.

“But, ultimately, what I think you will see is a vision for America that didn’t stop on Nov. 3, didn’t stop on Jan. 20, and we need to re-engage. So he’s getting major encouragement, and I would say this: I would put the odds at better than 50-50 that he runs again, and everybody should take note of that.”

Still, until the 45th president makes his official return to the national political stage, the former North Carolina Republican congressman said Trump’s supporters nevertheless “need to stay in the fight.”

“Do not believe that this battle is over,” Meadows told Gorka. “In fact, if anything, it’s ramping up with those that are Republican in name only, the establishment, the swamp’s trying to fight back to make sure that they don’t remember a President Donald Trump.

“The fighters that are actually fighting for your values and my values and for ‘we the people,’ let them hear from you,” he added.

Newsmax adds:

Trump remained uncharacteristically quiet for the first six weeks or so after leaving the White House on Jan. 20, but that changed after March 1, when he delivered his much-anticipated, first post-presidential speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

Since then, he’s been actively endorsing Republican candidates in the 2022 midterms — including primary opponents for his political rivals. 

Trump also continues to issue statements about items in the news. 

In addition, reports have said that the former president is considering launching his own social media platform, which he would no doubt use to his advantage in getting his 2024 campaign message out (and which would also attract tens of millions of users).

Adviser Jason Miller discussed Trump’s potential social media platform during an interview last month.

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“I do think that we’re going to see President Trump returning to social media in probably about two or three months here with his own platform,” he told Fox News. “And this is something that I think will be the hottest ticket in social media. It’s going to completely redefine the game and everybody is going to be waiting and watching to see what exactly President Trump does. But it will be his own platform.”

What’s more, a social media platform may not be all Trump is set to launch. Stay tuned.