“MENTALLY GONE”; Trump Unloads On Biden For Vaccine Claims, Comments on Potential 2024 Run

Former President Donald Trump blasted his successor over patently false claims President Joe Biden made regarding the availability of COVID-19 vaccines when he took office.

In an interview with Newsmax TV’s Greg Kelly, Trump unloaded on Biden, saying he is “either not telling the truth or mentally gone” after the former vice president and senator claimed there weren’t any vaccines at all when he was inaugurated.

“We came into office, there were only 50 million doses that were available. By the end of July we’ll have over 600 million doses,” Biden told moderator Anderson Cooper.

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“We got into office and found out…there was nothing in the refrigerator, figuratively and literally speaking, and there were 10 million doses a day that were available,” Biden rambled. “It’s one thing to have the vaccine, which we didn’t have when we came into office.”

In reality, there were tens of millions of vaccines available and tens of millions more in the pipeline; by Jan. 20 when Biden was inaugurated, the U.S. was averaging right at 1 million vaccines per day.

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Biden himself received his first dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine on December 21, and the second dose in January before taking office.

“Well I saw that he said that there was no vaccine when he came into office,” Trump told Kelly.

“So he was either not telling the truth or he’s mentally gone, one or the other and he’s getting — actually Joe Biden is being killed on that whole thing, because even the haters said, ‘Well wait a minute, you know this vaccine was announced long before,’ and I believe he got the shot sometime before January twentieth,” Trump added.

The former president went on to cut Biden a little slack. “Could he be joking?” Trump asked. “Because frankly, that was a very dumb statement.”

Biden’s false statement comes on the heels of another false claim made by his vice president, Kamala Harris, who also said there was no vaccine stockpile and no plan to get them distributed.

“There was no stockpile … of vaccines,” Harris told Axios on HBO. “There was no national strategy or plan for vaccinations. We were leaving it to the states and local leaders to try and figure it out. And so in many ways, we’re starting from scratch on something that’s been raging for almost an entire year!”

Harris’s claim was previously debunked by the country’s lead immunologist and the Biden administration’s chief medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci. In response to a story by CNN citing anonymous sources that there was nothing in place, COVID-wise, for the incoming administration to take over and lead, Fauci pushed back.

“We certainly are not starting from scratch because there is activity going on in the distribution,” Fauci said Jan. 21.

He would go on to ‘revise’ his claims and even bash the Trump administration’s COVID plans, which he was ostensibly involved with, but the fact remains neither Biden’s nor Harris’ claims about there being no vaccines and no vaccine distribution plans are both completely false.

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“What I think the vice president is referring to is, the actual plan of getting the vaccine doses into people’s arms was really rather vague. I mean, it was not a well-coordinated plan,” Fauci told CNN’s Jim Sciutto this week, covering for Harris.

“Getting [the] vaccines made, getting them shipped through Operation Warp Speed was OK, but I believe what the vice president is referring to is, ‘What is the process of actually getting these doses into people?’” he continued.

“That’s something we had to get much better organized, with getting the community vaccine centers, getting the pharmacies involved, getting mobile units involved. So that’s what I believe she was referring to,” he said.

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