Michael Knowles: “there’s no such thing as a ‘trans woman'”

The Conservative movement seems to want to take claim to leftist identity politics to “own the libs.” In the most recent and prominent example of this, Conservatives and Republicans alike are championing a man who believes himself to be a woman to become the next governor of California. This, in an attempt to say: “see! We believe men can be women too! We just believe in slightly different economic policies!”

No, men cannot be women and women cannot be men. Recently, liberal late night host Jimmy Kimmel, described Bruce Jenner as “Donald Trump in a wig.” The man who now styles himself as Caitlyn Jenner, after some drastic surgeries, slammed Kimmel and said “he obviously believes that trans women are simply men with wigs on,” then continued “where is the outrage from the left or the LGBT community? Being woke must be optional if you’re a Democrat.”

Michael Knowles agreed with Kimmel and said that Jenner should not be holding his breath for leftist outrage. About Kimmel’s remarks, Knowles said that “like a stopped clock twice a day, Kimmel is correct” and then he approved of the comparison, saying that “trans women” are in fact, simply men with wigs on.

Not only did Knowles say that trans women are not and cannot be women, he took it even further and said, truthfully, that “There is no such thing as a ‘trans woman.’ It is not possible to be “a woman trapped inside a man’s body” because our bodies constitute part of ourselves.” The political commentator said that the category of “trans woman” is an imaginary category, and that it derived from heresy.

“It has cropped up on several occasions over the millennia under the names of Manichaeism, Marcionism, and Albigensianism, among others, and it remains as false today as ever,” wrote Knowles.

The truth is, most conservatives understand the fact that “trans women” is a category that simply seeks to not offend, and to put mentally ill individuals at easy, at the expense of reality. Unfortunately, as Knowles notes, many conservatives have decidedly taken Jenner’s side on this issue, probably because they see it as a way to win the identity politics argument in leftist terrain, or they see Jenner as a way to win back California.

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Knowles seemed frustrated with some of the recent stances conservatives have taken to the subject of the transgender ideology, where some “conservatives” try to show that they are not intolerant, and that the left “are the real transphobes.”

“Unfortunately, in their zeal to own the libs, some conservatives seem keen to take Jenner’s side of the dispute, reality be damned. But who exactly is owning whom? As Bruce himself noted, ‘being woke’ is ‘optional if you are a Democrat.’ Are some giggles at leftists’ shameless ideological inconsistency really worth the cost of embracing their radical redefinition of human nature?” he reflected.

To conclude his article, the Daily Wire writer wrote “There is nothing ‘hateful and intolerant’ about acknowledging reality, nor does such an acknowledgement connote an irrational fear, or ‘phobia.’ One suspects most conservatives still understand that the body and soul are bound together and that men cannot become women. Yet some will say otherwise to score cheap points against a political opponent. Conservatives keenly perceive the Left’s hypocrisy. Too bad they fail to see their own.”

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