Michelle Obama Blames Kenosha Riot Shooting On President Trump

On Friday, former First Lady Michelle Obama unloaded on 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse who killed two radical left-wing extremists in self defense. The former First Lady accused the incident on President Donald Trump for stoking “systemic racism.”

Despite there being clear evidence that Rittenhouse acted in self defense, Democrats and their media lapdogs are accusing Rittenhouse of shooting people because he is a white supremacist.

Michelle Obama added fuel to those flames on Friday in a statement that was released on Twitter.

“I’m just devastated by the shootings in Kenosha. First, the seven shots from a police officer’s gun at Jacob Blake’s back as his children looked on,” Michelle Obama said failing to acknowledge Jacob Blake resisted arrest, fought two cops who unsuccessfully deployed a taser and was in possession of a knife when he was shot.

She continued, “Then two nights later, the bullets that killed two protesters, with a young man only 17 years old arrested and charged with homicide.”

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“These past few months, I’ve been thinking a lot about what our kids are seeing every day in this country — the lack of empathy, the division stoked in times of crisis, the age-old and systemic racism that’s been so prominent this summer. Sometimes they see it on the news. Sometimes they see it from the White House Rose Garden. And sometimes they see it from the back seat of a car,” she said.

Michelle Obama clearly doesn’t care about justice and only cares about pushing her false left-wing narrative. If she spent just 10 minutes looking into the events that took place in Kenosha, she would realize that Rittenhouse was acting in self defense.

New York Times Visual Investigations team member Christiaan Triebert, broke down the incident that unfolded in Kenosha.

The originally released videos of the incident suggest that Rittenhouse was acting in self-defense however the radical-left is trying to portray the narrative that Rittenhouse purposely targeted them and is a white supremacist.

According to Triebert however, video footage suggests that Rittenhouse may have actually been shot at first as he explained that there were “multiple gunmen.”

“A teenager faces charges in shootings that left 2 people dead in Kenosha, WI. The [New York Times] Visual Investigations team reviewed hours of livestreams to track 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse’s movements during and leading up to the shootings,” he started.

“In the hours before the shooting incident, [Kristan T. Harris], [Richie McGinniss], and [Elijah Schaffer] all interviewed Rittenhouse, who said he was protecting a local vehicle dealership together with several other armed men. He also offers medical assistance to protesters.”

Click HERE to see Triebert’s tweets along with the actual video footage.

“Rittenhouse eventually leaves the dealership [ …] and is barred by the police from returning, as seen [Ruptly] footage, six minutes before the shooting,” Triebert added.

Triebert stated that there were “multiple gunmen” who were involved in the incident which strongly goes against the typical left-wing narrative.

“To better understand what happened next, we synchronized 6 livestreams, which revealed that there were two separate shooting incidents, about one and a half minutes apart, involving multiple gunmen,” he said.

“At 23:19 (Triebert later amends the time to 23:49), Rittenhouse is seen in this YouTube livestream. He’s being chased into a parking lot. While he is being pursued, an unknown gunman fires the first shot into the air,” he explained.

Rittenhouse then “turns toward the sound of the gunfire as another pursuer lunges toward him. He then fires four times with his assault rifle (the reporter later amends: “AR-15-style rifle, *not* an assault rifle”), and appears to shoot the man in the head,” explains Triebert, adding, “The muzzle flash of the first shot by the unknown gunman and the smoke rising from the handgun can be seen in this video capturing the first shooting from a different angle.”

“It’s unclear why Rittenhouse was being chased or why he was in the area of this car dealership about four blocks away from the one he claimed to be protecting. We do know vehicles in this lot were damaged minutes before the first shooting,” Triebert continued.

Click HERE to see Triebert’s tweets along with the actual video footage.

“The initial shot and Rittenhouse’s four subsequent discharges of his AR-15-style weapon are followed by three more shots in the parking lot — we don’t know who fired them,” reports Triebert. “Rittenhouse seems to make a phone call and then flees the scene.”

The New York Times reporter then goes into part two of the incident.

“While fleeing from the scene, Rittenhouse is again chased by several people. He trips and falls to the ground and fires four shots as three people rush him. One person appears to be hit in the chest, while another, who is carrying a handgun, is hit in the arm.”

“At the same time,” Triebert continued, “we hear at least 8 gunshots from farther away. Mr. Rittenhouse gets up and begins walking north from the scene, and 8 more gunshots are heard from closer range. It’s unclear who fired the other gunshots.”

Rittenhouse then tried surrendering to police.

“Police vehicles just one block away remain stationary during the gunfire. Rittenhouse walks with his hands up toward the police, as bystanders call out that he was involved in the shooting. The police drive by him to the scene of the shootings, without stopping.”

Click HERE to see Triebert’s tweets along with the actual video footage.

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