Michigan Official Threatens Republicans Who Refused To Certify Election; ‘When You Meet Your Maker, Your Souls Will Be Very Warm’

On Tuesday evening, Democrat election official Ned Staebler threatened two Republican board members after they failed to certify the election results in Wayne County, MI.

These Republicans initially refused to certify the results because of the huge discrepancies they found in the county. However, after this threatening rant by the Democrat official, they changed their minds and decided to go ahead with the certification.

Apparently, these thug tactics from the left worked.

Staebler said “When you try to sleep tonight, just know that millions of people on Twitter know your names”

He even went as far as to say that they would burn in hell for this decision.

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“When you meet your maker, your souls will be very, very warm”.

Watch below at this sick and twisted rant:

This is a preview of what the left will do if they end up losing this election in the courts.

They will dox us. They will threaten us. They will come after us.

The media and the Democrats have already encouraged it. Now, it’s only a matter of time before their supporters take unprecedented action.

Be alert.

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