Military Grants Zero Religious Exemptions for Covid Jab

Recently, I reported that the military would face losing almost 50,000 soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines if it insisted on sticking to its vaccine policy and refused to grant religious exemptions to service members.

Well, the US military just decided to grant not a single religious exemption to the Covid jab. As CBN News reports:

A growing number of U.S. service members say the military is stripping them of their religious liberties.

This news comes as many of the COVID-19 vaccination deadlines for active-duty members have passed without a single religious exemption being granted.

“It goes against my bodily sovereignty as a Christian. I mean God makes it very clear. This body that I’m given is my last bastion of freedom,” one Army National Guardsman described to CBN News about the vaccination mandate. At the request of legal counsel, he asked not to be identified.

Many devout Christians asked for an exemption because of the fetal tissue used to make both the mRNA vaccines and J&J jab, opposing its use for moral reasons, including 35 SEALs. For example, CBN News reports that:

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First Liberty Institute is representing a group of 35 Navy SEALs seeking exemptions with similar concerns.

“There are various religious objections our clients have to the vaccine. Each of them prayed earnestly for God’s direction and they do not feel they can, in good faith, take this vaccine. Also, many of them object because of the documented link between this vaccine and aborted fetal cells,” Attorney Mike Berry said in a statement to CBN News.

But, in the woke military, Christian morality isn’t taken into account, only social justice ideals, so none of those exemption requests were granted.

That means that Team Brandon and its generals will now have to decide whether it’s better to let a few Christians remain unvaxxed or dismiss tens of thousands of warfighters, mechanics, and other personnel, all of whom are much-needed by a manpower strapped military.

It remains to be seen which path it will choose.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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