“Misery to End”: DeSantis Cheers Mask Ruling as Psaki Rages

When a brave judge struck down the airplane mask mandate yesterday, crowds of Americans in airports, on planes, and who might soon have to travel let out tremendous cheers, glad to finally be able to tear off the hated face diapers.

However, they weren’t the only ones cheering the moment and ripping into those who made them wear the scratchy, uncomfortable face coverings for so long. Governor DeSantis of Florida joined in as well, saying:

Great to see a federal judge in Florida follow the law and reject the Biden transportation mask mandate. Both airline employees and passengers deserve to have this misery end.

DeSantis has good reason to be cheering, as do all the other Americans that celebrated wildly upon hearing the news that the hated airplane mask mandates were finally going away.

That’s because, shortly following the announcement, both the TSA and major airlines announced that they’d no longer be enforcing the mandates, as US News reported, saying:

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Just hours after a Florida judge struck down a federal mask mandate on planes and other forms of public transportation, major airlines announced Monday that they will no longer require face coverings on domestic flights.

The U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will also stop enforcing the mandate for now: A Biden administration official told reporters Monday evening that the court decision means the federal order is “not in effect at this time. Therefore, the TSA will not enforce its security directives” requiring masks, the Washington Post reported.

Further, as Breitbart reports, this isn’t DeSantis’ first attack on the mask craziness, particularly regarding airplanes. As it quotes him as saying when the Biden Administration extended the travel mask mandate last week:

Biden’s extension of the transportation mask mandate simply prolongs the misery that passengers and flight attendants are being forced to endure. This is not evidence based, but simply more COVID theater.

Further, at the time Florida AG Moody joined DeSantis in criticizing the order, saying:

This rule, this order is completely outside the bounds of the scope of federal power; as we have argued successfully in numerous other cases, the CDC and the federal government and the Biden administration never had the power to issue this order originally.

Not everyone is happy about the ruling, however. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, for example, expressed her and the administration’s disappointment at the idea that Americans will no longer be forced to wear face diapers during her Monday press briefing, saying:

The CDC recommended continuing the order for additional time — two weeks — to be able to assess the latest science in keeping with its responsibility to protect the American people.

So, this is obviously a disappointing decision. The CDC continues recommending wearing a mask in public transit. As you know, this just came out this afternoon. So, right now, the Department of Homeland Security, who would be implementing, and the CDC are reviewing the decision. And, of course, the Department of Justice would make any determinations about litigation.

So, while those allies of liberty in Florida are joining free Americans across the country in cheering the end of the airplane mask mandate, Team Biden is still standing on the side of biomedical tyranny. Shocker.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of GenZConservative.com. Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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