Mitch McConnell Joins Democrats, Calls For Americans To Wear Masks

Round two of fearmongering over the coronavirus is now fully underway with lockdowns being reimplemented and Americans being forced to wear face masks. 

Following an upsurge in COVID-19 cases that have exploded after media-sanciontioned “peaceful” protests during which officials did nothing to enforce social distancing rules, the anti-Trump resistance has seized on the opportunity to force Americans to submit. 

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It’s bad enough when top Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden are demanding the mandatory wearing of masks nationwide but now their efforts to remake the USA in China’s image have gained a bipartisan ally. 

Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell joined Dems in calling for bending a knee by submitting to the advice of the “experts” whose reliance on failed models led to millions of lost jobs and putting on a mask. 

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Via Politico, “McConnell urges Americans to continue to wear masks”:

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell reiterated Monday that Americans should continue to wear masks, emphasizing that there is “no stigma” associated with them.

The Kentucky Republican’s remarks come as the United States faces another surge in coronavirus cases, with spikes in states like Florida, Arizona and Texas. They also mark a contrast with President Donald Trump, who has refused to wear a mask in public or encourage Americans to do so even as his vice president over the weekend urged Texans to use face coverings during a visit to Dallas.

In a floor speech, McConnell said the United States is currently in a “middle ground” between lockdowns and life before the pandemic, and encouraged the adoption of “new routines.”

“We must have no stigma — none — about wearing masks when we leave our homes and come near other people,” McConnell said. “Wearing simple face coverings is not about protecting ourselves. It is about protecting everyone we encounter.”

McConnell added that it’s the responsibility of individuals, small businesses, employers and “all levels of government” to take the necessary public health precautions to prevent the spread of the virus. He noted health care professionals in Kentucky recognize that the extra precautions Americans are taking have helped prevent hospitals from being overrun.

“The more we hate the pain and suffering that accompanied the strict stay-home guidelines a few months ago, the happier we should be to take responsible small steps every day to ensure our country can stay on offense against the virus,” he said.

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The Kentucky Republican who has hardly been one of President Trump’s most loyal allies during his first term adds to the pressure on the POTUS to issue an executive order that mandates the wearing of masks at the expense of our cherished freedoms. 

Two other nominal Republicans of dubious loyalty have also called for masks as Mitt Romney and ‘Lil Marco Rubio joined with Democrats. 

McConnell’s request may fall short of his Democrat colleague Pelosi’s call for masks to be mandatory but it serves the purpose and will be used by the media as a bludgeon against President Trump who will once again be falsely accused of killing Americans. 

For those who believe that the politicians in both parties who are backed by the China appeasers in the Chamber Of Commerce are flip sides of the same corrupt coin, Senator McConnell has just validated those suspicions. 

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