MSNBC Analyst On Suicide Bombings That Have Killed Several Marines: “Deal With It”

In what is being coined as “Biden’s Benghazi”, several military members have sadly lost their lives today in Afghanistan. As I write this article at 11:40am PST, 13 Marines have been tragically killed in action.

However, just before the announcement of the first 4 US casualties, MSNBC analyst Larry Nancy posted a heartless take on Twitter.

Nance downplayed the suicide bombings and finished his tweet with the hashtag #DealWithIt:

Nance had to know that these suicide bombings would likely result in American deaths, right? The answer is yes, but he clearly doesn’t care very much about that.

As Newsbusters points out, “less than an hour after Nance’s tweet, The Wall Street Journal reported (and was later confirmed by other outlets) that four U.S. Marines were killed in the attacks.”

Twitter exploded on Nance:

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What is your reaction to Nance’s heartless remarks? Comment below…