MSNBC Begins To Panic After Tucker Carlson Sounds The Alarm About January 6th

When it comes to the “woke” authoritarian left, there is no tactic that has been more effective than accusing their political enemies of what they themselves do and the masters of deception have been successful with the inversion of reality.

A perfect example is MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, the host of the network’s “All In With Chris Hayes” that serves as the nightly warm-up to the main attraction of conspiracy queen Rachel Maddow and on Wednesday, he went all-in on the big lie.

Hayes complained that competitor Tucker Carlson of Fox News was using propaganda “to break the consensus of reality so that people can be manipulated and radicalized,” a response to a Carlson’s blowing the lid off of the so-called “insurrection” by questioning the role of the politicized FBI and its use of operatives as agents of chaos on January 6th.

The androgynous Hayes and those who pay his salary are clearly terrified of the possibility that the role of the weaponized Intelligence Community and especially the FBI in the Capitol “riot” could be exposed. This would collapse the entire house of cards built by the scheming Nancy Pelosi and Democrats who have used the event to push for terrifying new domestic terrorism laws to go after supporters of former President Donald J. Trump.

Watch his sensational monologue below:

According to Hayes; “The point of propaganda is to shape reality. It exists so that what is actually happening in the world can be ignored or overwritten so that when you see what you see before your eyes can be waved away as an apparition.”

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Hayes continued, “What we are seeing in the country is a sustained effort of concerted propaganda to destroy the civic terrain necessary to hold up democracy. Here is what that looks like. In the wake of the January insurrection when we all watched a mob violently overtake the Capitol erecting a gallows, shouting hang Mike Pence and assaulting police officers left and right with the express purpose of overturning an election, doing so based on a false belief pumped into their heads by propagandists, the election was stolen.”

The irony is jaw-dropping with MSBC essentially being state-run media with the assortment of creepy and un-American “former” Obama intelligence figures that are featured on the network, led by former CIA director John Brennan.

When it comes to propaganda, even Joseph Goebbels himself would marvel at MSNBC.

Hayes continued his attack on Fox News which is kicking MSNBC’s ass in the ratings; “For months now, they have been pumping people full of this story – this propaganda that the January 6 rioters were brave patriots tread upon by the state, punished for dissent. Not for a violent assault on the Capitol to overturn an election.” Hayes said; “And this narrative has now ended up in the final resting place of all conspiracy theories: the false flag theory. Last night Fox News host Tucker Carlson was selling his audience in his, you know, ‘just asking questions’ way that the entire thing – the storming of the Capitol by a mob of rioters – was a false flag set up by the FBI.”

Hayes fails to mention to his viewers that the FBI has routinely infiltrated groups and used undercover agents as well as snitches or confidential informants to spring entrapment schemes, a fact that liberals cried bloody murder over when Muslims were the targets after 9/11.

Also, to say that Carlson is promoting a “false flag” conspiracy theory is hogwash, just watch the segment that has resulted in Hayes getting his panties in a bunch; Tucker expands on the bombshell report by independent media outlet Revolver News.

The only thing about January 6th that smacks of a “false flag” is that it has served as an American Reichstag Fire event for Democrats who are determined to retain total political power by any means necessary and that includes using the full power of the federal intelligence and law enforcement apparatus to outlaw dissent and throw those who still support Trump into prison.

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Tucker hurt them, he hurt them badly, and now they are desperately lashing out in a furious effort to keep the lid on FBI involvement and where are those thousands of hours of surveillance video from the Capitol?

The Biden regime is being propped up by two big lies; one being the so-called “insurrection” and the second is playing out in Arizona’s Maricopa County where the auditing of ballots continues; Tucker may have just kicked one of the legs out from under it and Democrats are in a state of total panic.