MSNBC Flips Script, Blasts Kamala Harris For Hiding From Border Crisis

On Monday, MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle shredded Vice President Kamala Harris for being missing in action with the ongoing border crisis in Del Rio, Texas even though she is supposed to be in charge of border operations.

The comments from Ruhle came in response to the 15,000 illegal immigrants who stormed the border into Texas.

“How about the message from our Vice President?” Ruhle asked Monday. “Where is she? She was supposed to be in charge of all of these migration issues, going to those Northern Triangle countries, that’s obviously not Haiti.”

“That was one of her first international trips with the message do not come here illegally,” Ruhle added. “People aren’t listening. What is she saying now?”

“Well, we haven’t heard a lot from the vice president,” NBC News correspondent Julia Ainsley replied during the interview. “Of course, you point out she was focused on those northern triangle countries. A lot of her work was in Guatemala, working with that government, a lot of the diplomacy, which is what the vice president was focused on, was with Mexico.”

“And essentially what we’re seeing now is a breakdown of that work with Mexico,” Ainsley continued. “Mexico for a while was stopping a lot of migration, coming from Guatemala into Mexico, keeping people from ever even reaching the U.S. border. But now Mexico became so overwhelmed with this particular migrant surge, that they were beyond capacity. And we were seeing Mexico essentially give up in some cases, just allow buses through their country to the U.S. border, which is how so many people got here so quickly.”

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During an interview with Fox News, Texas Republican Congressman Dan Crenshaw shredded the Biden Administration for their failures at the border.

“The people who are crossing our border are intending to stay, and look at this, there’s like 50,000 people who have crossed and don’t even have a court date,” Crenshaw said on Tuesday. “So there’s zero chance they’ll show up for a court date that they don’t even have. they’re definitely intending to stay, and the people who do have a court date- only about 13% of showed up for that at all. There’s hundreds of thousands of people being let loose into the interior, with no way to track them, no way to get them back in, and no way to enforce our laws.”

“This is such a dereliction of constitutional duty that Biden has engaged in,” he continued. “It’s egregious, and it’s also dangerous because guess what else is coming across the border? Hundreds and hundreds of pounds of fentanyl, and human trafficking is occurring at record levels as well. So this is dangerous to our people, it’s dangerous because of the pandemic, it’s dangerous because of fentanyl overdoses, and it’s blatantly unfair and immoral when there are thousands of people around the world who want to come to this country. They want to do it the right way, and our system is so clogged up that they can’t do it.”

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