MSNBC Hack Steve Schmidt Compares Trump Supporters To ’20s Or 30s’ Nazi Germany

MSNBC contributor Steve Schmidt proved once again he’s a liberal hack who will say the most outrageous things imaginable about Trump supporters.

During an interview on “Deadline,” Schmidt — a Never-Trumper who cofounded The Lincoln Project — compared supporters of President Donald Trump marching in Washington, D.C., over the weekend to brownshirts from Fascist Italy or Nazi Germany in the “1920s or 1930s.”

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“But we should all be terrified of what we saw this weekend in Washington, D.C., and we should think about it,” Schmidt said.

“What is it that we saw this weekend in Washington? What was it? They weren’t wearing brown and black uniforms like they would have in Italy or in Germany in the 1920s or 1930s, but they’re the same people,” he continued. “What we saw was right-wing violence in the nation’s capital. This is political violence. This is a fascistic organization.”

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Schmidt also attacked the 125 Republicans in Congress who signed onto the Texas lawsuit attempting to block the certification of electors.

“It’s a political declaration, and it’s a declaration of repudiation against our independence, against a fundamental and most notional ideas and ideals of the country,” Schmidt said. “And that political declaration is one that you can’t walk back from. They’ve crossed the Rubicon, so to speak.”

“We can never lose another presidential election to these people again, because maybe next time the leader will be more able, more competent, and the plan will look more detailed and more organized and less like a farce,” he concluded.


Schmidt then turned the conversation to the future of the Republican Party and, while he meant this as an insult, he said Fox News host Tucker Carlson may be a Republican “frontrunner” in 2024, which is something a lot of people may actually support.

Schmidt brought up the topic of “Trumpism” and how he thinks it will survive Trump.

“Look, we have almost 48% of this country that’s voted for a statist authoritarian movement with fascistic markers that’s hostile to American democracy, to the rule of law that venerates an individual, that’s a cult of personality.”

After smearing half of the country like the baffoon that he is, Schmidt said Carlson could be a powerful force in 2024.

“I think that Tucker Carlson is the frontrunner for the Republican nomination in 2024,” he continued. “What you are going to see is every Republican candidate will kowtow to the conspiracy that Trump was stabbed in the back by unseen malicious forces of the deep state, that the election was stolen, that it’s illegitimate forever. Forever.”

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“And so this is a long-term fight,” he said, calling Trumpism “an emboldened white supremacist, white nationalist movement in this country.”

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