MSNBC Host Joy Reid Makes Bizarre Claim about Pregnant Women and the GOP

When the GOP passes laws restricting abortion, what’s the reason? Most conservatives would tell you that the whole point of restricting abortion isn’t to compel the mother to do anything, though that’s a result, but rather to protect the unborn children from being killed, to prevent the murder of babes.

Leftists can and do disagree with that logic, mainly because they think fetuses aren’t children, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not what the GOP generally thinks. Leftist screaming doesn’t change that.

But, still, one of the cackling hens on the View is of the opinion that the GOP is really out to just control women. Looking past the “protecting the children” argument, she thinks that the GOP is really out to treat women’s bodies as “state property.”

She said as much during a recent segment of her show on MSNBC, “Reid Out,” making the deranged argument as part of her monologue. In her words:

The conservative-dominated Supreme Court is inching closer and closer to telling American people women, your body belongs to the state the moment that you get pregnant. However, that happens even if it is by rape or incest. So, you cannot decide what you decide to do to your body. Republican statehouses across the country are being flooded with restrictive abortion bills.

This is a dog that caught the car problem. It was always a great electoral strategy to say that we will end the scourge of abortion until you do it. Because when you do it now, you start to see what happens when it is implemented. It means arresting women, it means putting bounties on them. It means disclosing that when we got abortions, two could collect money on their head. It means a lot of cruelty to the woman.

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If you are essentially state property, I think we’re missing the point here. What they are saying is the minute that you get pregnant you are state property. Y’all need to think about that. You need to vote.

She’s completely missing the point, of course (what else could one expect from a leftist on MSNBC?). The point of bills restricting the availability of abortion services isn’t to be cruel to the mother or treat women as “state property.” That’s ridiculous.

No, the point of stopping abortion is to stop what many on the right see as the murder of children, of killing innocent kids in the womb.

That’s vastly different than what Reid claimed, and her monologue on the matter exposes how radical the left has gotten on the subject.

To them, if you think a baby shouldn’t be murdered just because it’s inside of rather than outside of the womb, you’re not just wrong in claiming that the fetus is a baby, but are an authoritarian that wants to treat the bodies of women as “state property.”

That’s crazy, but it’s apparently what the left believes. No wonder they’re going so berserk about abortion restrictions.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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