MSNBC Pundit Says Americans Are 'Obsessed' With Freedom Over Protection From COVID-19

In yet another example demonstrating how the Left despises our country, our founding, and our constitutional liberties, MSNBC Anand Giridharadas attacked Americans on Wednesday for daring to choose freedom over tyranny.

During a segment on the little-watched “Morning Joe” program, Giridharadas made sure to check all the Left-wing boxes — America sucks, it’s racist, it’s genocidal, big government rules — while complaining about people who continue to protest ongoing coronavirus lockdown orders.


“The fundamental question to me is what’s going to be our fundamental relationship to government — the idea of government — after this,” he said.


“And we kind of look at it at three levels this week. There is a primordial American tradition going back to the founders of being freedom-obsessed — even though we’re a country founded on slavery and genocide — being freedom-obsessed to the point of where we’re always so afraid of the government coming for us that we are blind to other types of threats, whether it’s a virus, whether it’s bank malfeasance, or climate change, what have you.”

Next Left-wing box check-off: Trash Ronald Reagan.

“There’s also a, kind of, 40-year version of this, which is the Reagan war on government, right? Government is the problem. That’s not just an idea on the Right. There’s a hard version on the Right, there’s a small ‘c’ conservative, militant version of it, but there’s also…it has infected many people on the Left.”

Next Left-wing box check-off: Trash Reagan’s prodigy, President Trump.

“Then, there’s the more recent Trump-era twist in this, which is, the war on government becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy,” said Giridharadas. “You undermine it, you undermine it, you undermine it, you put someone who can barely read a sentence in government in the figure of Donald Trump, and it becomes true. The government sucks because you’ve made it suck by telling everybody it sucks.”

Giridharadas then said that government actually serves as a protector of the people “from those other oppressions that we in America are often quite blind to.”

Final check-off: ‘Oppression’ of the poor, women, people of color, yada, yada.

First and foremost, nothing that ‘the country’ ever does will be redeeming to Left-wing haters like this. To him and people like him, America was founded on garbage principles — racism, slavery, ‘genocide’ — so nothing we do short of completely tearing down our founding system and starting over will do.

Never mind that the same federalist model they despise actually works. Constitutional amendments and laws have been ratified and passed throughout our history to address our early fundamental ‘faults.’ But to Giridharadas and his fellow Leftists, none of that matters. It’s hate on America 24/7/365, regardless.

That said, it’s ironic to watch today’s Left complain about protesters. The modern-day Left was born out of protests; in the 1960s, they protested everything from the Vietnam War to “the Establishment,” the latter being the ‘established order’ of government (then led by Democrats including LBJ) and traditional America (two-parent families, Christianity, monogamous relationships, etc.).

They protested to change things and change things they did, some good and some not so good. But they embraced their First Amendment right to address and redress what they saw as injustice or wrongdoing.

Americans protesting coronavirus lockdowns are doing the same thing. Many of them are redressing the grievance of being locked out of making a living, using their “primordial” right to do so — same as the American Left did back in the day.

The difference now is that Leftists are in control of more levers of power — in government, in the media, in academic, in the entertainment industry. And they like to use those levels in the same authoritarian manner that used to drive them into the streets and onto the campuses in protest.

It’s ironic and hypocritical at the same time, but their motivation hasn’t changed in half a century: Hate on America 24/7/365.