The corrupt establishment is on a search and destroy mission with Tucker Carlson being the target as the move to remove the popular Fox News host from the airwaves intensifies.

Carlson is one of the few journalists who are unafraid to speak truth to power, and his challenges of official narratives involving the so-called “insurrection” and the military’s embrace of anti-white racism have made him into public enemy number one for the swamp.

In a stunning development, Carlson discovered that he was being spied on by the National Security Agency and that someone was providing details of his private conversations and emails to rival news organizations in a blatant effort to smear him.

The feisty Carlson has fought back, blasting the sort of domestic spying on opposition journalists normally seen in totalitarian states, and is demanding answers from the Biden regime.

But such dissent simply cannot be tolerated and Tucker is now being savaged by deep state heavies, including vicious former federal prosecutor Andrew Weissmann who earned the nickname of “Mueller’s pit bull” for his dirty tactics during the special prosecutor’s sweeping investigation into former President Donald J. Trump.

According to Weissmann, it is anti-American for Carlson to dare to criticize the NSA – a massive agency that some have likened to the notorious East German Stasi – which is a chilling but predictable viewpoint from a power-mad Democrat who has long practiced the weaponizing of government against political enemies.

According to Weissmann; “If you think about what Tucker Carlson could have done here, he could have followed the same route that The New York Times and other respected journalists did when they were incidentally overheard and may have, in fact, not been incidentally had their call records obtained by the Department of Justice.” He said.

Mueller’s pit bull continued; “They could have gone to the attorney general, and Tucker Carlson could have joined them to say what I’m concerned about here is not that there was incidental collection when I am calling a foreigner, including if you try to reach out to Vladimir Putin, you can pretty much be sure you’re going to be high risk of being intercepted.”

He added; “He could have said, look, there’s a First Amendment issue, and I want to be sure there are safeguards, but he didn’t take that route. He did, as you said, and as frank pointed out, he wanted to use this for his own purposes and to sow distrust which is so anti-American. Instead of raising a legitimate issue about safeguards in the system when you’re dealing with journalists to make sure that this is not something that senior officials in the department are making sure this was done responsibly.” Said Weissmann.

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Weissmann’s remarks came during a panel discussion with former Bush regime spox Nicole Wallace, who has suggested that Trump supporters should be targeted for drone strikes, and ex-FBI official Frank Figniuzzi, who recently called for the arrests of sitting Republican members of Congress.

The NSA’s surveillance of law-abiding Americans isn’t exactly new; back in 2013 former contractor turned whistleblower Edward Snowden blew the lid off of what should have been a constitutional crisis when he leaked documents detailing the extent to which the government spies on its own citizens.

They were abuses that should have brought down the Obama administration but nothing was done and eventually, people stopped caring and the intelligence agencies were emboldened to go on to spy on Trump and his associates prior to his inauguration, setting up Muller and Weissmann’s abuses.

In 2021 America, the bad guys are not only never held accountable but often go on to land lucrative contracts for TV networks that can only be described as state-run media.