‘Must be Consequences’: Libs Want Trump Supporters Punished and ‘Deprogrammed’

Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson and New York Times Magazine’s Nikole Hannah-Jones created quite a storm online when they agreed that “millions of Americans, almost all white, almost all Republicans” need to be “deprogrammed” and punished before the country should “move on to reconciliation.

The horrific comments were made on Tuesday night during an interview on MSNBC.

“There are millions of Americans, almost all white, almost all Republicans, who somehow need to be deprogrammed. It’s as if they are members of a cult, the Trumpist cult, and have to be deprogrammed,” Robinson said. 

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“Do you have any idea how we start that process?” he asked Hannah-Jones

“There has to be consequences. And then once you get those consequences … people have to take a second look at their actions, and they have to be afraid to do the types of violence that we saw last week,” Hannah-Jones suggested. “What has long been the case in this country, is that we have wanted to quickly move on to reconciliation. We’ve always been afraid that if you actually punish those kinds of white nationalist elements in our society, it will only make things worse. But, in fact, what history shows is not reacting, not forcing accountability, only emboldens those people and those movements.”

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During a segment on his show Wednesday, The Blaze’s Dave Rubin warned that this might only be the beginning for Trump supporters being smeared, slandered, maligned, and punished for daring to support the president.

Dave also talked about a controversial op-ed in Forbes, where the magazine’s chief content officer, Randall Lane, threatened companies not to hire Trump officials.

Lane wrote:

“Let it be known to the business world: Hire any of Trump’s fellow fabulists above, and Forbes will assume that everything your company or firm talks about is a lie. We’re going to scrutinize, double-check, investigate with the same skepticism we’d approach a Trump tweet. Want to ensure the world’s biggest business media brand approaches you as a potential funnel of disinformation? Then hire away.”

Rubin said conservatives can expect things to get worse before they get better, warning that Big Tech, liberal groups, and Democrats aren’t just using pretty words for the camera.

They are set on trying to “deprogram” those who support Trump and his policies, Rubin argued.

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Rubin even slammed the fact that people can get banned for challenging the 2020 election, but Twitter and Facebook never cared when liberals made the same claims back in 2016 when Trump defeated Hillary Clinton.

“You can’t say it’s an illegitimate election now,” Rubin said, “but Nancy Pelosi still has tweets up on her account saying that Trump’s election was illegitimate.”

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