New Data Analysis Shows Trump Gained Most With Women, People of Color in 2020 Election

To hear Democrats and that propagandist lapdogs in the media tell it, former President Donald Trump was the biggest racist and misogynist ever to sit in the Oval Office.

That was a lie on its face, of course; colonial and pre-Civil War America featured lots of presidents who would definitely, under today’s standards be considered far more misogynistic and racist.

Nevertheless, because the Democrat left is replete with weak-minded individuals who choose to name-call rather than debate conservatives on the merits of their policies and ideas, to them the 45th president was the biggest racist woman-hater there ever was.

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But like so many times before, Democrats have been proven wrong again with cold-hard data, and from a political analysis firm on their side of the aisle.

According to a new report from the firm Catalist, Trump won more women and voters of color in 2020 than he did in 2016. In fact, they are responsible for his GOP-record-high vote tally.

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The Washington Examiner reports:

The share of Trump voters who were women or people of color in last year’s election was 57.2%, up from 54.8% in 2016… The former president also increased his support among all racial demographics in 2020, with the exception of white men, making a 7-point gain among nonwhite women, a 4-point gain with nonwhite men, a 1-point gain with white women, and a 1-point loss among white men. …

Black voter support also saw a substantial increase in last year’s election, with the group swinging 3 points toward Trump compared to 2016.

“Along with massive increases in turnout, Latino vote share as a whole swung towards Trump by 8 points in two-way vote share compared to 2016, though Biden-Harris still enjoyed solid majority (61%) support among this group,” Catalist wrote in its analysis of the data.

“Some of the shift from 2016 appears to be a result of changing voting preferences among people who voted in both elections, and some may come from new voters who were more evenly split in their vote choice than previous Latino voters. This question presents particularly challenging data analysis problems, which we discuss more in a dedicated section below.”

Most Americans of color continue to back Democrats, of course, but that’s only because the party has convinced them they ‘care’ more about minorities with their various virtue-signaling gestures (‘Oh my, look how diverse Joe Biden’s administration is!’).

But Trump and Republicans actually made the lives of minorities better with their policies. The GOP establishment, which is much smaller today than it was in 2017, only gave Trump two things his first year in office — a bigger defense budget and tax cuts. Those cuts combined with Trump’s ‘America First’ economic policies, over the course of his term, dramatically improved the lives of everyone for a change, including minorities, which is something Barack Obama, the first ‘president of color,’ couldn’t accomplish in eight years.

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Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and women all earned more money and got to keep more of their pay than at any time in recent history. What’s more, they had jobs galore to choose from and rising average wages.

The more Americans of color realize that Trump and Republicans are the ‘working-class’ party, the more minorities will sign on with the GOP. Trump got the ball rolling in 2020.

And the Democrats now know that.

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