New Poll Spells Big Trouble For NFL If Players Kneel During National Anthem

Tonight in Kansas City, the NFL’s grand experiment on whether suggesting that millions of its own fans might be racists is a successful marketing strategy will be put to the test.

Before the Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs take the field at a mostly empty Arrowhead Stadium for their game against the Houston Texans there will be the playing of two national anthems; one for the kneelers and then the real one.

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There will be many a teary eye during the rendition of “Lift Every Voice and Sing” otherwise known as the Black national anthem which will be enthusiastically greeted by millionaire malcontents on both sidelines will stand with hand over heart and then when the “Star-Spangled Banner” is played, they will almost certainly all hit their knees to protest the “oppressive” nation that made them all wealthy for playing a game.

And when they do, they will alienate millions of fans who will have had it with the NFL’s decision to transform itself into a propaganda organ of the Democratic party and the Marxist-inspired Black Lives Matter Movement. 

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Those are the results of a devastating new poll that shows that a whopping 86.7 percent of respondents will not watch the NFL if the players kneel during the national anthem. 

According to The Daily Caller, “POLL: 86.7% Of People Won’t Watch The NFL If Players Kneel During The National Anthem”:

The vast majority of people don’t plan on watching NFL games if players kneel, according to a Twitter poll.

The first game of the 2020 season is Thursday night when the Chiefs and Texans play, and there’s a good chance we could see players kneel during the national anthem.

I asked people in a Twitter poll if they’d tune out in the event of kneeling, and the results weren’t close at all.

Of the 4,850 voters, 86.7% voted that they would stop watching if players take a knee during the anthem.

See, this is what happens when you turn sports into a political debate. I think it’s fair to say the average man in America likes football.

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The NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell clearly did not learn their lesson in 2017 when it allowed players to engage in their political antics that resulted in plunging TV ratings and vast swaths of empty seats in stadiums after millions of fans were alienated. 

The league temporarily came around, limited the kneeling, paid off activists with a huge donation in the neighborhood of $100 million to social justice programs, and cut a deal with Colin Kaepernick to settle his lawsuit, and eventually, most of the fans came back. 

Which is what makes the league’s decision to go all-in on Black Lives Matter this year all the more mystifying.

The NBA has experienced a cataclysmic drop in ratings since the league resumed after a four-month hiatus due to COVID-19 and went full “woke” with national anthem protests, divisive social justice slogans on player jerseys, and BLACK LIVES MATTER painted on the courts in the Orlando playoff bubble. 

By all indications, Goodell and the NFL are trying to be even more “woke” than the NBA with the two national anthems, END RACISM painted in endzones and players wearing the names of criminals like Jacob Blake and George Floyd on uniform insignia. 

It plays well to Twitter but the toxic immersion in far-left politics and the finger-wagging at white fans isn’t likely to go over quite as swimmingly in real life. 

This time fans may tune out for good, leaving Goodell holding the bag for destroying a brand built over 100 years that was not that long ago believed to be infallible. 

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