NEW: Trump Reacts To Wisconsin Tragedy With Firm Statement; Meanwhile, Biden “Waits For More Info”

On Monday, President Trump released a firm statement after an unhinged rapper plowed his SUV through a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Tragically, 5 people have been confirmed dead and many more are injured. killing at least five people and injuring scores more.

“The whole world is watching the tragedy which just took place in Waukesha, Wisconsin, it is devastating, horrible, and very very sick!” Trump said in a press release. “My heart goes out to the people of this great, beautiful, and hardworking community.”

“We must find the answers to this terrible crime, and stop these violent and depraved acts from happening again. I am with you Waukesha, and always will be!” he added.

By contrast, Biden is staying eerily quiet. He doesn’t want to say too much since the suspect destroys their narrative of the “angry white man”.

“While we don’t have all the facts and details yet, we know this morning that five families in Waukesha are facing fresh grief of a life without a loved one,” Biden said on Monday. “At least 40 Americans are suffering from injuries, some of them in critical condition and an entire community is struggling, struggling to cope with the horrific act of violence.”

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Isn’t it interesting that Biden was quick to call Kyle Rittenhouse a “murderous white supremacist” before “all the facts came out”, but he’s hesitant to discuss the identity of the Wisconsin driver?

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