New York Will Pay 100 Dollars To Get Jabbed Starting This Friday

Starting Friday, New York City will offer those who are vaccinated against COVID-19 at a municipal center a $ 100 incentive, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced on Wednesday.

The measure seeks to give a new push to the immunization campaign in New York City, which right now is close to 10 million doses administered, but which in recent weeks has seen the pace of vaccination decrease.

According to the most recent official data, 54.4% of the population of New York (about 8.3 million people) is fully vaccinated against the coronavirus, a percentage that rises to 65.5% if only takes adults into account.

De Blasio, in a press conference, insisted that vaccination is the only way to guarantee the recovery of the city and defended the importance of this type of economic incentive to encourage all citizens.

The mayor announced that in the vaccination centers ran by New York City, once you take the first dose, you will receive 100$ starting this Friday.

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New York has previously offered numerous incentives of various kinds to boost vaccinations, including everything from $ 5 million prize drawings to free hamburgers and fries.

Cash payments to take the vaccine is not new either (at least in the US), it has been used by other cities to promote their vaccination campaigns, especially as a result of the slowdown seen in recent months, once the people most interested in protecting themselves had already received their doses.

In recent days, New York and other localities and states have also begun to enact orders for municipal employees to be vaccinated or, if they refuse, to undergo weekly tests for covid-19 before the advance of the Delta variant, which is causing infections to rise again with force.

Many users on twitter are reacting negatively to the news. Most of the replies seem to be from people who already took the vaccine, who are now upset that they are not getting any “bribes” for what they call “doing the right thing.”

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