No Incumbent On Republican Primary For Senate in IL

There is no incumbent on the Republican primary for Senate in Illinois, so this race is wide open. We want to introduce you to each candidate in the Republican Party for Senate in Illinois with a little blurb about what they say about themselves or what they plan to bring to the table so that you can make a more informed decision.

Kathy Salvi raised the most money with $301,791 with, $51,393 dispersed, and 250,398 on hand as of March 31st, 2022. Her website says that the rule of law is under attack. She says that the Biden Duckworth agenda has divided people and not made this nation stronger. She says that she is running for United States Senate to make us energy independent, bring real economic relief to families and businesses, secure the border, protect communities, give parents a voice and their children’s education, and provide leadership on the world stage.

Bobby Piton raised $168,510 and dispersed $127,950 with $40,560 in the bank as of March 31st, 2022. He blasts government insiders and corrupt people as part of our nation’s problems on his website. He states that we need to enforce state’s rights and that we have so many issues because we have it backward. He wishes to return to the original intention of the constitution to fix many of the problems facing America today.

Casey Chlebek raised $129,656 and dispersed $29,564 with $100,092 in the bank as of March 31st, 2022. On his website, Chlebek states that he will bring back more jobs to the United States economy, control the national debt, support social programs for seniors and veterans, fix the educational system, overhaul immigration, and declare financial independence for the nation.

Peggy Hubbard raised $25,643 and dispersed $17,476.00 with $13,367 in the bank account as of March 31st, 2022. She is a Navy veteran, former police officer, and Harley-Davidson enthusiast. She believes that entering politics is a part of her lifelong battle for truth and justice. She says that she will put America first, build up forgotten communities, defend the Second Amendment, jumpstart our economy, protect the dignity of human life, ensure our national security, honor our veterans, and fix the immigration process.

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The two remaining Republican Party candidates are Jimmy Lee Tillman II and Matthew Dubiel. Unfortunately, neither has claimed to raise any funds, and no data is available on how much they had on hand on March 31st of, 2022.

Tillman is a conservative and patriot from Chicago. He is also active with the American first Policy Institute and black voices for trump. He founded the Martin Luther King Republicans in 2008, which is the most prominent black republican organization in the Midwest. “Biden’s absolute failures on the world stage have endangered Americans’ security, reduced America’s credibility and standing, and weakened the world in extraordinary ways. To make it worse, they removed a rebounding economy and have American families with high inflation and American workers losing jobs. That is why I am running for the GOP nomination for US Senate.”

Dubiel is campaigning on making America first, safer communities, better education, medical freedom, and bringing back manufacturing to the United States. His priority is bringing back the American dream for American kids.

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