Now Podesta Might Have Gotten Dragged into the Durham Investigation

Durham’s investigation into the Russia hoax has dragged on for a long while now, with Durham proceeding methodically but painfully slowly as he identifies those responsible for the Russia hoax and compiles mounds of evidence against them.

As of late, that investigation has been in the news a good bit because of what he’s finally amassed enough evidence to prove about Hillary Clinton’s campaign: that it was behind the Steele Dossier and much of the “Russia” nonsense responsible for weighing down Trump during the first few years of his presidency.

Well, now Special Counsel Durham has dragged another big-name Democrat into the mix. That would be John Podesta, a longtime Democrat operative. The Reactionary, a brilliant Substack, reports on that development, saying:

Special Counsel John Durham has asked high ranking officials from the Clinton Campaign and Hillary for America, including the Clinton Campaign’s Chair (who we believe to be John Podesta1), about their awareness of the activities conducted by Fusion GPS on Hillary’s behalf.

This confirms an important avenue of Durham’s investigation: whether the Hillary Campaign or Hillary for America were part of a conspiracy to traffic false information to the FBI and other governmental entities.

More information on that comes from Durham’s most recent filing itself. Namely, the below paragraph, which shows both that Durham is interviewing high-level Clinton Campaign (and related organization) employees, one of whom is probably Podesta, according to The Reactionary.

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In addition, according to interviews conducted by the Special Counsel’s Office, the Clinton Campaign’s Chair and other high-ranking HFA officials were not even aware at this time of U.K. Person-1’s identity and did not know that he or the U.S. Investigative Firm specifically had been retained on their behalf. (Such witnesses appear to have been generally aware that Law Firm-1 had assembled a team to conduct opposition research and claim to have been briefed only to a limited degree on the products and details of that work.)

The Clinton Campaign and those involved with it, therefore, look to be in deep, deep trouble. If the Durham filing is taken at face value, then the high-ranking people who tried to get Hillary elected are being investigated by Durham to see if they knew about the illegal activities the campaign was up to.

Yet better for those hoping for justice, while all the organizations involved are trying to claim “privilege” and thus not produce the documents Durham wants them to for discovery, that likely won’t work and they’ll have to. The Reactionary explains why:

The DNC, Hillary for America, Fusion GPS, and Perkins Coie will likely be compelled by the Court to produce the documents requested by Durham. Their arguments of “privilege” are weak for a number of reasons, including: (1) the work was of a political nature and did not involve legal advice; (2) the work was not done in anticipation of litigation; (3) any privilege was waived, as Fusion GPS, the DNC/HFA, and Perkins Coie all did their part to distribute the information to the press, government officials, etc.

So, though it might take even longer, it seems that Durham might be able to press them and force them to hand over the documents he needs to prove his case. Plus, with Podesta now being involved, it looks like another high-powered Democrat operative is getting sucked into the Durham vortex.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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