Obama Surfaces, Pushes Dem Ballot Fraud Scheme

Former President Barack Obama has surfaced and like other Democrats, is exploiting the coronavirus crisis to radically transform America. 

The modern incarnation of the Democratic party may pay lip service to “democracy” when the ugly truth is that they hate it and are determined to destroy it by any means necessary.

Mr. Obama is lending his star power to pushing the latest scheme by this anti-American entity masquerading as a legitimate political party – voting by mail. 

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Unable to beat President Trump legitimately by presenting a positive set of ideas for the nation, Democrats are determined to rig the election and vote by mail or remote voting is exactly the way to do it. 

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In a series of Friday tweets, Dear Leader sought to make the case for shutting down polls by rushing to put into place an illegitimate system that will be rife with fraud and allow for the party’s foot soldiers to steal the election using ballot harvesting. 

Via The New York Post, “Obama promotes vote-by-mail after Wisconsin primary ‘debacle’”:

Former President Barack Obama strongly denounced the Wisconsin state-wide elections, which went ahead this week despite concerns about spreading the deadly COVID-19 virus.

Obama said the pandemic should lead Americans to embrace vote-by-mail options.

“No one should be forced to choose between their right to vote and their right to stay healthy like the debacle in Wisconsin this week,” he said in a Friday Twitter thread. “Everyone should have the right to vote safely, and we have the power to make that happen. This shouldn’t be a partisan issue.

“Let’s not use the tragedy of a pandemic to compromise our democracy. Check the facts of vote-by-mail,” he added.

The exploitation of the coronavirus and cherry-picking of the Michigan primary to make their case is cynical and dishonest and who better to sell it than the most corrupt POTUS in American history. 

Democrats are hellbent on tearing down the nation’s institutions in their relentless push to retake political power and having failed to dismantle the Electoral College and federalize elections under the guise of election security, they are all-in on the vote by mail scam. 

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As Joseph Stalin who is the ideological father of the modern Democratic party has been quoted:

“The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”

Because if you can’t beat ’em, cheat ’em. 

Look for Obama to assume a more vocal role going forward with the senile Joe Biden incapable of stringing together three coherent sentences and badly in need of a spokesman. 

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