PELOSI CAVES! Masks Are No Longer Mandatory On House Floor

Now that the mass hysteria over the coronavirus is winding down with states and businesses easing up on mask requirements, the House Of Representatives remained adamant over its tyrannical mask mandate.

However, now that Democrat lawmakers are coming off of their latest extended taxpayer-funded vacation, Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s insistence that masks be worn by all House members and staffers has been rolled back.

On Friday, Capitol physician Brian Monahan announced that masks were no longer required for those who have received “the jab”, bringing the House into line with the revised guidance previously issued by the CDC and endorsed by Joe Biden.

Despite the CDC guidance, Pelosi had used Monahan’s previous advisory on masks as an excuse to continue to dole out punishment to House Republicans who were openly defiant of her rules and threats of fines.

One Republican, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene responded to Pelosi’s threats by feeding her letter through a shredder.

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The news of the lifting of the tyranny of the masks was greeted with jubilation by some House GOP members including Rep. Brian Mast.

The big question is whether or not that Democrats will demand proof of vaccination, especially from those Republicans who have been embroiled in a feud with Madame Speaker who could be made to present the equivalent of the highly controversial vaccine passports that liberals are championing

Last month an agitated Pelosi fumed about Republicans who could not be trusted to adhere to what she referred to as an “honor system” that they have been vaccinated.

Pelosi fumed; “What is this the honor system? The honor system as to whether somebody’s been vaccinated?” adding, “Do you want them breathing in your face on the strength of their honor?” She asked, adding a theatrical shoulder shrug for the cameras. “So let’s just see, let’s just see…”

“This is about science and governance, and science and governance,” Pelosi rambled, “We have a responsibility to make sure that the House of Representatives is not a petri dish because of the selfishness of some not to be vaccinated or to insist.. or to to wear a mask…” she said.

At the time, Pelosi suggested banning Republicans from the House floor and banishing them to the gallery area; “I mean, we could come to a place where we could say, ‘If you don’t want to wear a mask and you don’t want to…if you’re not vaccinated, then don’t even come to the floor.” She said, “We have facilities up above in the gallery where people can come to vote, We don’t want to deter anybody’s ability to exercise their constitutional duties.”

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The relaxing of the mask mandate comes at a time of heightened tensions in the House Of Pelosi after anti-Semite Ilhan Omar ignited a firestorm by accusing the U.S. and Israel of “crimes against humanity” and likening the two nations to the brutal terrorists of Hamas and the Taliban.

Omar’s sickening remarks and her subsequent accusation that a dozen Jewish Democrat House members who rebuked her in a statement were Islamophobes have roiled the caucus and could threaten the lockstep unity needed to cram Biden and Pelosi’s extremist agenda down the throats of Americans amid rising resistance from the GOP.

Pelosi can now shift her attention to the furious efforts to spare Biden from a major political defeat if he fails to convince 70 percent of Americans to roll up their sleeves and line up for shots by July 4th, a goal that is looking increasingly unlikely to be met.