Pelosi Goes Coo-Coo When CNN Host Suggests Impeachment Backfired — Claims Trump Wasn't 'Acquitted'

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is still not coping well with the fact that President Donald Trump was acquitted in the Senate impeachment trial.

In fact, she is now bizarrely claiming the president was actually not acquitted -- which is utterly false.


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During a sit-down at the Munich Security Conference in Germany, CNN's Christiane Amanpour pressed Pelosi on whether House Democrats’ impeachment of Trump had backfired. 

The network’s chief international anchor noted that the president has seemed emboldened and is as popular as ever. 

“What about, though, the fact that the president seems liberated, and this is about Democratic politics, so I’m not asking you to criticize here, but he was acquitted, his poll ratings are high …” Amanpour said.

"So I’m not asking you to criticize here, but he was acquitted, his poll ratings are high …” Amanpour said.

Pelosi interrupted: “He was not [acquitted]. There was no [acquittal].”

“You can’t have an acquittal unless you have a trial, and you can’t have a trial unless you have witnesses and documents. So he can say he’s acquitted, and the headlines can say ‘acquitted.’ But he’s impeached forever, branded with that, and not vindicated,” Pelosi continued.

“And even the senators were saying, ‘Yes, it wasn’t right,’ but they didn’t have the courage to act upon that.”


Democrats have been whining about this for weeks.

Earlier this month, the House managers in the impeachment trial claimed that Trump was not truly acquitted, saying that Trump didn’t get a “fair trial.”

The Republican-controlled Senate voted nearly two weeks ago to acquit Trump on both articles of impeachment.

After Democrats impeachment hoax imploded, Pelosi is already leveling new charges against the president.

Pelosi took to Twitter on Tuesday night to accuse Trump of engaging in “political interference in the sentencing of Roger Stone and called for an investigation into the Department of Justice.

Pelosi also commended the four prosecutors who quit Stone's case Tuesday after the DOJ asked for a lighter sentence than what they had recommended.

Pelosi was originally referring to Trump quoting reporters’ tweets calling it "very unfair," a "miscarriage of justice," and a "ridiculous 9 year sentence recommendation."

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Sadly, this is just another example of how Pelosi will never stop trying to remove Trump from office.