Pennsylvania Voters Strip Dem Governor Tom Wolf Of Dictatorial Powers

Pennsylvania citizens moved decisively to regain their freedoms from the tyranny of Governor Tom Wolf when they voted to limit the dictatorial powers that he has wielded for the last 13 months.

The Democrat has imposed some of the most punishing restrictions in the nation during the COVID crisis; they have wrecked lives and are killing jobs. However, on Tuesday his victims struck back using the ballot box.

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The results are now in on two ballot questions that would strip power from Governor Wolf. It would do this by handing decisions on emergencies back to the people through their elected representatives in the state legislature.

Currently, the law allows Wolf to declare a state of emergency for up to 90 days and to extend it indefinitely. He has already done this, with the only limit being a two-thirds supermajority vote by lawmakers to end it. This wasn’t going to happen anytime soon given the lockstep unity of Democrats.

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The big win for Pennsylvanians will amend the state constitution to allow lawmakers to end a declaration of emergency by a simple majority. It will also limit the duration to 21 days instead of 90 with the legislature, not the governor having the power to extend it.

Wolf toyed with voters by not lifting restrictions in the state until Memorial Day. This was an extra kick in the gut to battered hospitality industry businesses that would have benefited from being able to open at the beginning of the long weekend.

The cruel and stupid gesture likely provided extra motivation for voters seeking to pry his boot off of their necks. Prior to the election, Wolf urged voters to allow him to keep his powers; “The current system works. Let’s not change it.”

Wolf also sought to influence the vote via his Twitter account.

According to CBS Philadelphia, Wolf had both detractors and defenders. Nichole Missino, the owner of Giovanni’s Barber Shop was quoted, “Gov. Wolf has basically been King Wolf of Pennsylvania for the last year. He hasn’t been working with the legislation at all, so I feel like we need to take some of that back,” she said.

Democrat State Senator Sharif Street had Wolf’s back, “The suggestion is that the governor currently has dictatorial powers. Nothing is further from the truth. This governor has acted decisively and saved lives,” he said.

Some of the worst damage during the failed response to the pandemic came when Rachel Levine was still the acting state secretary of health. That is, before being plucked by the Biden regime for a spot as a prominent transgender at the national level.

Wolf has yet to issue an official statement but when he does, he’ll surely be howling in outrage.

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Real Clear Politics offered some valuable historical context to Wolf’s reign of terror, “The pandemic was certainly a crisis, but never in the commonwealth’s history has any executive claimed such broad powers for so long a time. The British army occupied Philadelphia during the American Revolution. Confederates invaded central Pennsylvania in the Civil War. Even amid these threats to the existence of the state, Pennsylvania managed to maintain the republican form of government and the separation of powers mandated in the state constitution.”

The landmark vote is the first such rebuke of authoritarian Democrat governors who exploited COVID to seize sweeping powers and it won’t be the last.

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