POLL: Here’s How Americans Feel About Airstrike Killing Soleimani

After President Donald Trump’s decisive airstrike that killed Iranian commander Qassem Soleimani — who has killed or orchestrated attacks that killed thousands of Americans — his approval rating took a sharp turn.

And it appears most Americans agree with the president's decision.


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A new poll shows that more Americans approve of Trump's decision to approve an airstrike that killed Soleimani than those that disapprove.

While 43 percent of those polled say they approved, 38 percent said that they disapproved of the decision.

Soleimani was a top leader of the Iranian military and the elite Quds Force. He was killed in an airstrike on an envoy through the Baghdad airport on Thursday in Iraq.

Of the 43 percent that approved of the decision, 30 percent said that they strongly approved.

Another 19 percent said they were unsure if they approved or disapproved of the lethal airstrike.

And after he ordered a fatal airstrike on Iran's top commander over the weekend, the president's approval rating also jumped. 

Trump is now sitting at a record-high 45.3 percent average approval rating.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that his disapproval rating has dropped significantly, going from 58 percent in the middle of December to 52 percent at the beginning of January.

Trump’s latest approval boost was partially thanks to his swift and decisive action to secure the U.S. embassy in Baghdad, along with killing top Iranian military leaders, like Soleimani.

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Adding even more hilarity to it all, Trump was eating ice cream when the U.S. airstrike blasted Soleimani into a thousands pieces.