Poll That Predicted Obama’s Re-Election Just Stunned With 2020 Projection

A major poll that predicted former President Barack Obama would win re-election in 2012 just stunned many with 2020 projection.

According to a brand new Marist pollPresident Donald Trump has the highest approval numbers of his presidency.


On top of that, his chances of re-election are virtually the exact same as former President Barack Obama’s were at the same time in his presidency.

The poll accurately predicted Obama would win re-election based on the economy and his approvals with key demographics in 2011.

Trump is currently sitting in the same position as Obama was at this time in his presidency, meaning the president is in prime position to win a second term in office.

The poll, 33 percent of whom identified as Democrats and 27 percent Republican, found that Trump’s approval rating had risen to 44 percent -- the highest number for the president ever in the Marist poll.

It also found that a whopping 90 percent of Republicans approved of Trump’s performance, with 42 percent of Independents agreeing and only 7 percent of Democrats. 

Additionally, 39 percent of national adults said they would definitely vote for Trump in 2020, with a massive 89 percent of Republicans agreeing they would vote for him. 

Just shy of 34 percent of Independent voters agreed, which is a high number for the president.

National Journal politics editor Josh Kraushaar took to Twitter to note that Trump's numbers approximated Obama’s at virtually the same time in his tenure.

Kraushaar also noted another positive for Trump:

This is among NATIONAL ADULTS // typically when narrowed down to registered voters, Trump numbers increase a bit.

Another crucial statistic that looks fantastic Trump: 52 percent of respondents said they approved of his handling of the economy. 

Several other election forecasters and pollsters have also said that Trump is the clear favorite to win a second term in office. 

Election forecaster and economic analyst Stephen Moore predicted a “40-state landslide” for Trump if he can secure a massive trade deal with China. 

Last month, Steven Rattner published a report citing three different modelers that are predicting the president will secure a second-term in office. 

Rattner, who served as the Treasury secretary in the Obama administration, reveals that top economists and modelers argue that the data points to Trump winning no matter who secures the Democratic nomination. 

Before that, billionaire and the co-host of NBC’s “Shark Tank” Mark Cuban said none of the 24 Democratic presidential nominees can defeat Trump in the upcoming election. 

Bookies are also beginning to set the early odds for who has the best chance of winning the 2020 presidential election, and Trump is the clear favorite. 

The 2020 election is still a long way away, but many already see Trump as the clear favorite to win re-election.