President Biden Gets Booed at Baseball Game, While ‘F*** Joe Biden’ Chants Go Nationwide

President Joe Biden made an appearance at the Congressional baseball game on Wednesday night, which was held at the Washington Nationals’ stadium. As Biden appeared to near the Republicans’ dugout, he was soundly booed. Watch:

Biden, however, was still able to garner some scattered cheers from members of the crowd. This is Washington D.C., after all.

One could still hear booing in the crowd, however. Biden hugged Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who was in attendance. Neither were wearing masks.

Joe Biden had earlier canceled a trip to Chicago, purportedly so he can work on his legislative agenda.

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“In meetings and calls over the weekend and through today, President Biden has been engaging with members of Congress on the path forward for the Build Back Better Act and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal,” a White House official claimed. “He will now remain at the White House tomorrow to continue working on advancing these two pieces of legislation to create jobs, grow the economy and make investments in families, rather than failed giveaways to the rich and big corporations.”

Although the White House claimed that Biden is remaining in D.C. to continue haggling with Democrats over his domestic agenda, party insiders say that the president has been almost completely disengaged with the legislative proceedings on Capitol Hill.

“The president needs to pick up the phone and call people,” Politico reported on Monday, citing a ‘moderate source close to the talks.’ The person said the White House has been in “listening mode” for too long and needed to ‘bang heads’ to get the bills across the finish line.

“I don’t understand why the president isn’t whipping his own historic bill,” another moderate House Democrat said.

That appears to be what had driven Speaker Pelosi to unload during a phone call at the game.

Earlier in the day, Pelosi had exploded on a reporter about the budget standoff, as moderate senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema stands in the way of the $3.5 trillion boondoggle.

“What are you talking about?!” she snapped.

President Biden, however, appeared to be having a grand old time, even as multiple crises now face America.

Biden also signed baseballs:

There weren’t any shots of Biden eating ice cream. However, he did hand out ice cream bars to members of Congress. You can’t make this stuff up.

Surely, that will get Biden’s legislative agenda across the finish line.

Multiple crises now face America: The border is in complete shambles, the debt ceiling is approaching, a $3.5 trillion budget (that the administration claims costs $0) is looming, and Covid is spreading despite a majority of Americans being ‘fully vaccinated.’ Meanwhile, Biden is taking numerous vacatinos and attending sports games.

No wonder “F Joe Biden’ chants are breaking out nationwide, including at sports venues.

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