Protesters rip down statue of Christopher Columbus given to U.S. by an IMMIGRANT

Another day, another piece of American history torn asunder by an ignorant mob denied a proper base of knowledge about our founding and our rich history by a Left-wing education establishment that hates the freest nation on earth.

Thugs and rioters pulled down a statue of Christopher Columbus, the Italian explorer who discovered American, that was given to the city of Minneapolis as a gift from one of Minnesota’s Italian immigrants.

“The 10-foot bronze statue was pulled from its granite base by several dozen people led by a Minnesota-based Native American activist outside the state Capitol,” Reuters reported.

Today’s generation of Native Americans, along with hordes of Marxist-indoctrinated whites and ‘persons of color,’ have been brainwashed into hating Columbus because he paved the way for Europeans to “invade” and ‘colonize’ the “New World,” stealing land from the Indians and bringing disease, pestilence, and, of course, racism.

Never mind that long before Columbus got to American and long after he found it, the various Native tribes warred with each other, butchered each other, invaded and stole each other’s land, and, often, enslaved each other

As for Columbus, he never actually reached North America or what would become the United States. The furthest he got was the Bahamas; ‘America,’ North and South, had already been found by other European and Norse explorers.

But the truth doesn’t matter, not to the militant Left.

A Minneapolis government web page notes of the statue:

The 10-foot tall bronze sculpture of Christopher Columbus was dedicated on October 12, 1931 and was presented as a gift from Minnesota’s Italian-Americans. The sculpture sits on a red granite base embellished with carvings of sea shells and fish around the top and on either sides are eagles with spread wings atop globe-shaped spheres. Sculptor: Carlo Brioschi, dedicated on October 12, 1931; restoration and preservation efforts in 1992.

The Minneapolis Post reported in 2015 that Brioschi “was an Italian-born and trained sculptor who’d emigrated to the United States in 1899 – first to New York, where he’d worked on Grand Central Station, and then to St. Paul 10 years later.”

Another Columbus statue was torn down in Virginia, The Daily Wire reported:

The Christopher Columbus statue in Byrd Park was torn down around 9 p.m. Tuesday, NBC12 reported, “following a peaceful demonstration outside of the statue in honor of indigenous people.” The statue was then torn from its foundation, spray painted, set on fire, and finally dropped in the nearby lake.

Though the outlet described the earlier protest as “peaceful,” it did note at the end of the article that “agitators attacked an NBC 12 photographer, demanding he leaves the scene.” …

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Don’t negotiate, don’t open your mind, don’t try to learn something, don’t try to hear someone else’s point of view – just scream and shout, point fingers, get angry, get loud, get physical, and demand that everyone share your point of view or else suffer the consequences.

We’re seeing Left-wing revolutionary elements in our society use their constitutional rights to deprive the rest of us of ours. If we simply let them, they’ll win – then all Americans lose.

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