Rancher Reveals Why Biden Canceling the Wall Was a Dangerous Mistake

A cattle rancher from New Mexico is sounding the alarm on just how bad the border crisis has gotten under Joe Biden’s leadership.

While speaking with Fox News, Russell Johnson spoke about what Team Biden’s actions to reverse the Trump administration’s immigration policies have done.

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Johnson made note of Biden’s decision to halt construction on the border wall, which has left a “gaping” hole leading right onto Johnson’s property.

“Living down here on the border, you can’t live in fear,” the rancher said.

“The way everything’s going nowadays with the new policies put forth by this administration, it’s making things a lot more difficult and a lot more unsafe in our area,” Johnson added.

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“We have a three-quarter-mile gap,” Johnson said, “and they’re exploiting this. We don’t have the unaccompanied minors coming to our area. What we have is a criminal element.”

He said Border Patrol agents have “picked up tracks” of over 50 people who came through the hole in the fence last Saturday.

Only 30 were caught, however. That means over 20 still remain out there.

“People don’t realize this isn’t just a border problem. This affects everybody,” Johnson said.

“They were wearing camouflage and ski masks,” Johnson said. “Those aren’t upstanding people coming over here looking for a job.”

Biden and his lax immigration policies and the fact that he has been practically begging migrants to come to the border for over a year are what created this new crisis.

Trump had the border under control and once Biden took office, the crisis occurred.

CNN’s John Avlon said Wednesday night that Biden “can’t afford to ignore” the problem at the U.S. southern border and that the administration’s change in immigration policies played a big role in the crisis.

Avlon said that the Biden administration has a “humanitarian crisis” on its hands and that they bear responsibility for it.

“There is a spike of apprehensions at the southern border. Over 100,000 in February alone. That included nearly 9,600 kids, many unaccompanied by adults,” Avlon said.

“The recent rise began in the final months of Trump’s term, but it’s escalated since Biden took office. The border is not open, that’s false, but it is fair to say that Biden’s retraction of a Trump policy, which made people seeking asylum wait on the Mexican side of the border, has contributed to the rise,” he added.

A new report from CNN on Monday revealed that children detained in an overcrowded government-run tent facility at the US-Mexico border say they haven’t been able to shower for days or contact their parents.

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Some children get to shower about once a week and sometimes soap runs out, with only shampoo available, she said. One child told Welch she hadn’t showered in six days.

Things are so bad that Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is asking DHS staff to “volunteer” to help deal with what he conceded was an “overwhelming” number of migrants at the border.

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