Rand Paul Leaves Reporter Speechless After Asking 1 Simple Question

Sen. Rand Paul is fed up with Democrats and the mainstream media shielding the so-called whistleblower and acting as if this person does not have to answer questions from Congress.

The Kentucky Republican lawmaker said he’ll “probably” reveal the name of the whistleblower who got the whole impeachment inquiry rolling. 


But when a reporter tried telling him it was against the law to reveal the whistleblowers name, Paul shut her down by asking: "have you ever heard of the U.S. Constitution?"

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It all began on Tuesday when Paul told reporters on Capitol Hill: “I’m more than willing to, and I probably will at some point. There is no law preventing anybody from saying the name.” 

When asked whether he would say the name on the Senate floor as a part of a speech, Paul responded, “I can, and I may, but I can do it right now if I want. Nothing stops me.” 

“I want it to be more about the process and less about the person,” Paul said. 

“Nothing stops me. There’s no law that stops me from doing it other than that I don’t want to make it about the one individual.” 

As Paul pointed out, the whistleblower is not protected at the expense of the president’s constitutional rights. 

“Your colleagues, Republicans, say that it’s irresponsible and dangerous for you to call out the whistleblower,” the reporter told Paul. 

Paul then asked the reporter if she’d heard of the Constitution. 

“You’ve heard of the Constitution, right? The Constitution has the Sixth Amendment,” Paul shot back.

“And the Sixth Amendment says very clearly that, if you’re accused of a crime, you have the right to confront your accuser. So I think the Constitution’s very clear on this and we shouldn’t completely just throw away the Constitution, particularly because certain networks just don’t like the president," he added.


In short, the Sixth Amendment essentially states that in all criminal prosecutions, the accused has the right to a speedy public trial by an impartial jury. 

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President Donald Trump has not been treated fairly in this impeachment witch hunt, and Democrats are conducting their hearings behind closed-doors in the basement of Congress, which is the opposite of a "public hearing."