Rapinoe Claims that Her Girlfriend Told Her That "They" May Ask Her To Run For President

USA Soccer Star and far-left kneeling protestor Megan Rapinoe announced to MSNBC that her girlfriend, basketball player Sue Bird, told her that she would most likely soon be asked to run for President of the United States.

The comment was made while Rapinoe was talking to far-left conspiracy theorist and MSNBC host Rachel Maddow. Maddow of course, praised the soccer player for opposing the President and disrespecting America.


“I feel like you have become more and more comfortable and more and more articulate in terms of using the platform that you’ve got to say what you think ought to be happening in the world,” the conspiracy theorist praised. She then added that Rapinoe seemed “more calm, more capable, more eloquent than ever, and it seems like that gets better over time. And so that makes me want you to do this forever....you’re really good at talking when you need to talk and saying things that need to be said.”

Rapinoe is notorious for disrespecting American values. The liberal soccer player is known for kneeling during the national anthem as well as stepping on the American flag after the USA women's team won the world cup. Rapinoe also calls her self the "walking protest" and when asked why she knelt during the National Anthem, she explained that it was just a big "f*** you" to President Trump.

“Public Policy Polling literally did a poll today. Which was you versus Trump in a presidential contest and you beat him by a point,” Maddow said to Rapinoe.

Rapinoe explained that she would not be running for President but stated that, “My girlfriend actually just said, she’s like, you need to be careful. They’re gonna ask you to run for president. You need to slow your roll.”

“I’m not asking you to run, just suggesting that others are polling on it,” Maddow responded with a laugh.

The kneeler went on to say that she is ready for the "next thing."

“I’m excited to kind of dig in and see really where I can take this,” she said. “I think that I’ve been kind of wanting that for a number of years and how do we – how do we bring it out of just sports and out of soccer and out of the things that we’ve been doing and that I’ve been doing into something way bigger?...I kind of want to stop just talking about things and, like, how do we put things in action? How do we help? What do we do? What’s the best way to get people mobilized, whether that’s in voting or just getting people more educated and more plugged in to what’s happening, you know, in our politics and in our lives? And I think I’m ready for that, like, next thing. I want to be more impactful.”

“I think the country is ready for you,” Maddow said.

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