RAT FINK: Meet the Group Pushing ‘Woke Capitalism’ To Destroy America While Lining Their Pockets

Have you ever heard of Larry Fink? No? Well, it’s high time that you get to know him and his evil ways as he is a law unto himself, dictating policy to the White House, Fortune 500 Companies, and the energy sector in order to help usher in a new leftist world order.

He’s one of the masterminds pushing ESG, or ‘Environmental, Social, and Governance,’ a scheme that is similar to Red China’s social credit system whereby companies are assigned a score based on how much they adhere to a list of Fink’s (and his investment management company BlackRock’s) woke goals and values.  The ultimate goal is to “transform American society” into a progressive fantasyland that drives up the prices of everything, from gasoline, to electricity, to groceries, while lining Fink’s and his cohorts’ collective pockets.

Fink likes to pontificate, and wallow in smug moral superiority, while beaming as others defer to him as “architect of woke capitalism,” according to a report sponsored by Consumers’ Research and published by Breitbart. However, he, along with others in the financial services industry, have been called out as weaponizing pension funds through ESG in order to make radical changes to people’s money, something that avoids state legislatures and the will of the people. Fink has not been shy about his motives, nor has he concealed his view on the role of corporations in modern society, forgetting somehow that maximizing financial investments should be the focus of his work, not radically re-engineering the world:

“Society is increasingly looking to companies, both public and private, to address pressing social and economic issues,” he wrote in a 2019 letter to CEOs. “These issues range from protecting the environment to retirement to gender and racial inequality, among others.”

Fink and BlackRock make money by managing other people’s money, over $8.5 trillion in assets, making BlackRock the world’s largest asset manager. Having access to that much capital means power, and power means BlackRock can pretty much make companies do what they want them to do. Fink himself has said that they have no problem ‘forcing behaviors’: “Behaviors are going to have to change, and this is one thing we are asking companies, you have to force behaviors and at BlackRock, we are forcing behaviors.” 

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Americans are already feeling the effects of Fink’s nefarious influence as we pay more for gasoline, heat and air conditioning, something he has been working on for years as he and BlackRock pushed energy companies to divest from traditional forms of energy. Even the White House has been infected with the BlackRock virus as its former ESG executive now serves as President Brandon’s economic advisor.

Blackrock has contributed to runaway inflation, reduced pension fund values, and even pushed up rent as they are on a nationwide spending spree, buying up houses and taking them out of reach of regular Americans who want to start accruing equity.

But most disturbing about Fink and his BlackRock cronies is their chummy relationship with China and the Chinese Communist Party. BlackRock really loves China and sees nothing but rainbows and butterflies when talking about them. I don’t want Fink to get the last word, but he showed his cards when he said: “I continue to believe firmly China will be one of the biggest opportunities for BlackRock over the long term, both for asset managers and investors.” 

I guess China, with its gross human rights abuses, gets a pass from global elites like Larry Fink who see nothing but dollar signs while the little guy gets the shaft.

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