Rep. Clyburn: Republicans Have A Responsibility To Force Trump To Concede

Democrats are moving quickly to seize power after the media crowned Joe Biden on Saturday and a campaign to shame Republicans into forcing President Trump to concede is underway.

With Trump preparing to make his case that the election was influenced by fraud in a number of Democrat-controlled states and cities, the resistance is turning up the heat on already weak-kneed and squeamish GOP members who haven’t exactly rushed to defend their POTUS. 

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On Sunday morning, the “news” shows that serve as launching pads for the week’s official talking points were an overflowing sewer of Democrat propaganda with the usual cast of subjects being trotted out to gaslight Americans that the election is over. 

One of them is Rep. James Clyburn, the influential Congressional Black Caucus member who was the engineer of Biden’s resurrection by mobilizing black voters to bushwhack Bernie Sanders in South Carolina and on Super Tuesday. 

The Democrat appeared on CNN’s “State Of The Union” with Jake Tapper where he turned the thumbscrews on his political friends on the other side of the aisle.  

According to AP, “2020 election: Clyburn says Trump, GOP should accept Biden win”:

The highest-ranking Black member of Congress says President Donald Trump should concede the presidency to President-elect Joe Biden, although he says it’s more crucial what the rest of the Republican Party does in the wake of the 2020 election.

U.S. House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn of South Carolina told CNN on Sunday that the GOP “has a responsibility here” and that he’s watching to see “whether or not the Republican Party will step up and help us preserve the integrity of this democracy.”

Clyburn also said he sees the United States as “teetering” following Trump’s term, advising that “we had better get a hold of ourselves and this country and stop catering to whims of one person.”

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Guys like Clyburn always love to throw around the terms “democracy” and “integrity” but what has taken place in ballot mills in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, Michigan, Arizona, and Wisconsin is the democratic process as it is applied in third-world banana republic hellholes. 

Rep. Clyburn also applied pressure by suggesting that any Republicans who refuse to bend the knee will be subjected to the same vicious Russia smears that Democrats have invoked for the last four years. 

Via Real Clear Politics:

 I think the Republican Party has a responsibility here. This country is bigger than any one person. This democracy is teetering.

He called it an inflection point. We are in a very dire set of consequences here and we had better get hold of ourselves and this country and stop catering to the whims of one person. So it doesn’t matter to me whether or not he concedes. What matters to me is whether or not the Republican Party will step up and help us preserve the integrity of this democracy.

We have been the envy of the world but we have also received a lot of disdain from places around the world. See, I’m old enough to remember Nikita Krucheov. I remember that speech to the United Nations, where he looked out and said, “We will bury you.” I will never forget that. So I don’t understand how the Republicans can allow Putin to dictate the fortunes of this country and that is what is going on here.

There is the matter of over 70 million Americans who voted for President Trump but they can easily be dismissed as racists or worse by Democrats and their winged monkeys in the media. 

But their numbers cannot be ignored by Republicans who may mistakenly believe that they can take them for granted and that they will show up in such numbers for anyone other than Trump. 

President Trump should not concede until a comprehensive audit/recount validates Biden’s “win” and the courts have had a chance to weigh in; likewise Americans who are being silenced while their votes are stolen should tell bullies like Clyburn to shove it. 

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