LOL: Biden Won’t Hit July 4th Vaccination Goal, And He’s Going To Admit It Publicly

Well, the regime gave it their best shot — pardon the pun — but the Biden administration is going to come up short of his stated COVID-19 vaccination goal by July 4, according to a report on Tuesday.

“The White House said Tuesday that it will likely fall short of President Joe Biden’s goal of partially vaccinating 70 percent of American adults by Independence Day, but insisted that it has ‘succeeded beyond our highest expectations’ in returning the nation to a pre-pandemic normal,” NBC News reported.

“Jeffrey Zients, the head of the White House Covid-19 response team, said that the administration had hit its 70 percent vaccination target among Americans ages 30 and older, and is poised to reach that threshold for those 27 and older by the Fourth of July,” the reported added.

Nevertheless, it’s going to take “a few extra weeks” for Americans 18 and older to have reached 70-percent vaccinated, Zients said.

“The reality is, many younger Americans have felt like Covid-19 is not something that impacts them and have been less eager to get the shot,” he said.

“We always intended July Fourth as a moment to take stock and celebrate the progress we’ve made. But by no means was it an end point,” a senior administration official said. “What really matters is what the country feels like and what Americans are safely able to do. Restaurants and schools have been able to reopen. There will be celebrations that are very different than what we talked about even a few weeks ago.”

Remember when Biden warned us some weeks ago that unless we hit his stated goal we could largely kiss celebrating July 4 goodbye? But even then he made it seem as though Americans still weren’t going to be able to be completely back to normal.

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NBC News:

Biden set two public goals May 4: Seeing 70 percent of American adults receive at least one dose of the vaccination in two months, and seeing 160 million Americans fully vaccinated by then. Zients acknowledged the United States won’t reach that second goal until “no later than-mid July.”

When the president set those targets, he called it a “huge goal.”

“If we succeed in this effort, as we did with the last, then Americans will have taken a serious step towards a return to normal,” he said.

Americans have, for the most part, taken that “serious step” anyway; most of the country is open again and no longer under the tyranny of endless coronavirus lockdowns and mandates.

In any event, it is always important to remember that the vaccine rollout and execution was largely the result of months of pre-planning done by the Trump administration, not Biden’s, though there have no doubt been a few course corrections since the roll-out began just because you don’t know what you don’t know before you try something so new and gargantuan.

As for the current administration, it’s still not time to return to normal, per se.

“With the delta variant now spreading across the country and infecting younger people worldwide, it is more important than ever that they take this important step,” Zients says, in regards to the administration extending its vaccination plans beyond Independence Day.

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