REPORT: Dem Senators Held Secret Meeting With Iranian Leaders

In an astonishing example of just how far that Democrats will go to undermine President Trump on foreign policy, Senate Dems met in secret with high-level Iranian officials last week. 

According to a bombshell report, the treacherous cabal of lawmakers led by Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut met with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Jahad Zarif in Munich where they were attending a security conference. 

If the report is true, it is more evidence that Democrats have gone rogue to the point where they are putting the safety of Americans in peril to stick it to Trump and have no qualms over an alliance with the world’s top exporter of terrorism. 

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Murphy who has been one of the president’s most venomous critics was the point man for the Democrat-Deep State push to investigate former national security adviser and decorated military general Michael Flynn over his infamous phone call with the Russian ambassador after the election had been decided. 

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Via The Federalist, “Source: Democrat Senator Held Secret Meeting In Munich With Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif”:

Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut and other Democratic senators had a secret meeting with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Jahad Zarif during the Munich Security Conference last week, according to a source briefed by the French delegation to the conference. Murphy’s office did not respond to repeated requests for comment by press time.

Such a meeting would mean Murphy had done the type of secret coordination with foreign leaders to potentially undermine the U.S. government that he accused Trump officials of doing as they prepared for Trump’s administration. In February 2017, Murphy demanded investigations of National Security Advisor Mike Flynn because he had a phone call with his counterpart-to-be in Russia.

“Any effort to undermine our nation’s foreign policy – even during a transition period – may be illegal and must be taken seriously,” Murphy said in 2017 after anonymous leaks of Flynn’s phone call with Russian ambassador Sergey Kisylak were published. He also strongly criticized the open letter some Republican senators sent Iranian leaders during the Obama administration’s campaign for a nuclear agreement.

A State Department official who spoke on background said that the State Department was not aware of any side meetings with Iranian officials that Murphy was engaged in.

According to a press release from Republican Lindsey Graham, other Democrats at the meeting included Sens. Robert Menendez of New Jersey, Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island and Chris Coons of Delaware. 

The Federalist reported that also attending the meeting was former Secretary Of State John Kerry, a key player who was involved with Barack Obama’s bribery of the mullahs with pallets of cash. Money that was then likely used to fund weapons that were used against American troops. 

Kerry has previously gone behind Trump’s back to collude with the Iranians. 

In an interview with NBC News that aired last week, Iran’s Foreign Minister Zarif ripped the Trump for “ignorance and arrogance” that has contributed to mounting hostilities with the Islamic Republic. 

It’s bad enough when Democrats parrot talking points directly out of Tehran’s ministry of propaganda as they did after President Trump took out terrorist mastermind General Qassem Soleimani last month but quite another when they are stabbing the leader of the free world in the back while overseas. 

With the party now having dispensed with any pretenses of being even remotely acting in the best interests of America, it is pretty clear whose side they are on. 


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