Reporter Calls for Violence Against Pro-Lifers

A “reporter” for the far left Rewire News Group is stirring the pot in the most contentious, dangerous way possible in light of the recent leaked SCOTUS opinion on Roe V Wade.

As reported by Fox News, an absolutely disgusting example of a human being named Caroline Reilly had this to say:

A reporter for Rewire News Group called for “more” violence against pro-life Americans over the weekend as she appeared to celebrate reports of vandalism against the headquarters of a pro-life group in Wisconsin.

“More of this. May these people never know a moment of peace or safety until they rot in the ground,” Caroline Reilly wrote in a now-deleted tweet Sunday evening, responding to a report from The New York Times about the vandalism.

Excuse me? Why is this ok? Why hasn’t this woman been arrested, investigated, fired, doxxed, and everything else the crazy liberal left would be doing had the roles been reversed?

You can one thousand percent guarantee if someone on the right said something as disgusting, ugly and dangerous as Caroline Reilly, their life would essentially be over. Don’t believe me? Seen President Trump on Twitter since he suggested people PEACEFULLY protest on January 6th? Nope.

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Apparently Reilly was cheerleading an attack on a Wisconsin pro life center. Fox goes on to say:

Wisconsin Family Action, a group staunchly opposed to abortion, was attacked Sunday morning when someone tossed a Molotov cocktail into its Madison office and spray-painted a message outside reading, “if abortions aren’t safe then you aren’t either.”

Luckily the cocktail didn’t ignite, presumably because the criminals that attempted it weren’t smart enough to figure out how to make a Molotov cocktail. Thankfully stupidity probably saved lives and private property.

Folks, this behavior simply is not ok. Blowback on Reilly was swift, resulting in the deletion of her Twitter account.

“Where are the police?” tweeted writer Rod Dreher, while activist Amy Kremer wondered where the response was from the FBI and the Department of Justice.

“How would they feel if the public started to Dox reporters that call for violence and arson? What if it came to their doorstep instead? People with a voice need responsibility when using it,” Republican Florida congressional candidate Vic DeGrammont wrote.

“This feels a bit like calling for violence,” Republican strategist Matt Whitlock wrote, tagging the Twitter Support team to alert them to Reilly’s astonishing reaction.

So instead of owning the vitriol that she was spewing, Reilly thinks just deleting her account will make this go away.

Nope. This cannot be forgotten. People that attempt to incite violence just because they don’t like something are one of two things. Children or criminals.

Caroline Reilly needs her feet held to the fire and to suffer the same fate a conservative news person would, were they to be this crass and irresponsible.

Thankfully, Twitter and conservatives tend to have long memories, and when Caroline Reilly crawls back out from under the rock where she presumably lives, we will have the receipts, and will be ready.

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