REVEALED: Stashes of incendiary devices now being found with bricks prepositioned at protest sites

For those of you who believe that riots are continuing days longer than they should following the unfortunate death of Minneapolis man George Floyd at the hands of police more than a week ago, this will confirm your suspicions.

Previous reports noted that suspicious stacks of bricks have been discovered pre-positioned at what would be come the site of riots. Now, police and others are discovering incendiary devices pre-positioned at some of the same locations.

Red State notes:

As we previously reported, police are thinking there’s some organizing going on because they’ve been finding brick stashes around the country, generally not where is any construction, but where there are planned protests. Police in Kansas City and Baltimore both said they believed it wasn’t accidental or some conspiracy theory, but there to incite riots. Why were the folks in Baltimore so convinced? Because there were bottles with accelerants included with the stashes found there.

But that isn’t all.

There seems to be a troubling pattern emerging with incendiary devices as well.

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Fox Nation investigative reporter Lara Logan added in a retweeted post from former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik, “Not to mention the logistics on the ground, comms equipment, palettes of bricks, incendiary devices they are finding stashed near riot sites, stolen cars found moving these incendiary devices etc etc…”

For his part, Kerik points out it takes money, planning, and logistics to pre-position ‘weapons’ at protest sites before asking the most important question: Who’s behind the effort(s)?

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Because if they are organized and planned, then that is about as close as it gets to the textbook definition of terrorism you’ll ever see, meaning our country is literally under attack – from within.

And speaking of Minneapolis, police there have also discovered incendiary devices that have been stashed “across the city.”

The Washington Times reports that the people behind the pre-positioning of these caches of bricks and bombs are using stolen vehicles to transport them.

“At some point during each protest in individual cities, law enforcement has noticed a more organized effort as at some point during the evenings, protesters fan out and engage in the same kind of criminal conduct,” said U.S. Attorney for Oregon Billy J. Williams, who adds he’s never seen anything similar before.

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Also, he said, “people have been noticed in effect organizing those kinds of endeavors. And that’s all I’m going to say about it.”

The Times adds: 

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey said Saturday that the “dynamic has changed over the last several days.”

“If you look at Tuesday, it was largely peaceful protests, the vast majority from inside our city,” Mr. Frey said. “Gradually, that shift was made, and we saw more and more people coming from outside the city, we saw more and more people looking to cause violence in our communities.”

Minnesota officials said the extremists appear to be using stolen vehicles to transport incendiary devices, gasoline and other contraband. Video posted from different cities on social media shows stacks of bricks suddenly appearing in strategic locations.

“They are adapting, they are receiving information together, they are being fed by professionals in this and professional tactics in urban warfare,” Mr. Walz said. “Those types of things are happening with these people. Again, as I said, they are getting what they want. They are getting on TV.”

One suspect, Matthew Rupert of Galesburg, Ill., has already been arrested for transporting explosive devices and videoing himself handing them out to rioters. No doubt federal officials have already been talking to him. 

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