Ric Grenell Lights Up CPAC: ‘Doctrine of America First Here to Stay’

Former acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell was one of the best ‘hires’ President Trump made during his term, and he continues to be a message of the former president’s MAGA message, which makes him extremely popular with the GOP base.

In fact, Grenell energized the already lit crowd during a speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference on Saturday, where he declared that for the GOP faithful, there’s no going back to the bad old days of RINOism and ‘losing with grace.’

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“The doctrine of America first is here to stay,” Grenell said.

“As we’ve seen even in the first month of a new administration, America First’s electoral popularity and strategic accomplishments ensure that it no longer belongs to a single party or politician,” he continued.

“By successfully realigning U.S. foreign policy with the interests of the American people, America First is now positioned to guide our country through the trials and tribulations of the next generation,” he added. “Once unleashed, this doctrine has shown it won’t easily be tossed aside. The American people demanded a part in the democratic process of formulating foreign policy. Once they got it, they won’t ever let it go.”

Grenell’s comments came on the heels of Joe Biden’s first ‘commander-in-chief’ moment — ordering (or someone in his management circle did) an airstrike against alleged Iranian-linked militias in Syria, striking up the same old endless war cycle Americans by the tens of millions are sick and tired of seeing the country fight.

In a subsequent interview with Newsmax TV, Grenell noted that the DC Swamp still fears Trump because he was, by far, the most effective president in the era of the military-industrial complex to war against it.

“Look, it always troubles me when insiders in Washington try to really control and manipulate information. This is really unacceptable. There’s no reason why the Biden administration, President Biden, is trying to muscle out Donald Trump really cancel him altogether in a variety of different ways. Look, this is the team that told us just a couple of weeks before the election that Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation,” he said.

“This is the team that told us that the Benghazi assault terror attack was because of a video. They want to have this little narrative so that they can control intelligence narratives, and it’s unacceptable to those of us outside of Washington,” he added.

“Inside of Washington, this is the game. This is how they control the narrative. They think the rest of us are stupid, and so they want to spoon-feed us everything,” he said.

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And now Trump knows the game as well as the previous players. So just imagine what a formidable foe he will be if he happens to win the presidency in 2024? That is, if the deep state doesn’t rig the game against him or some left-wing political hack prosecutor doesn’t manage to put him behind bars on a trumped-up charge about taxes or some such.

As much time as the garbage ‘mainstream media’ spent trying to catch Trump in a lie, the same partisan hacks routinely failed to note that in terms of keeping campaign promises, he was the most honest president we’ve had since…maybe George Washington.

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